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The World's Fair and Exposition
Information and Reference Guide

The Internet's Oldest and Largest Resource Listing


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  • 430 listed Exhibitions, Expositions and Worlds Fairs with 1,024 Links.

  • Next Sanctioned World's Fair - Expo 2008 (Zaragoza, Spain), Expo 2010 (Shanghai, China).

  • For those who are more than a one 'Fair' person, I have a 13 question quiz that will test your knowledge of World's Fair Official Themes. This will separate the tourists from the settler's. The button below is only visible in IE. Netscape users click here.

  • World's Fairs and Expositions on CD. An ongoing research project featuring thousands of facts and images on World's Fairs and Expositions. Details can be found here.

  • For those interested in associating with the living legends and world-wide enthusiasts, the 
    World's Fair Collectors Society has thousands of knowledgeable members.

  • If you have (or know of) a good WF or Expo related website  that is not on the list, send me the info and I'll take care of  it.

  • Here's a small listing of Worlds Fair and Exposition Books.

  • Navigation is accomplished by using the main menu on the left. Just click on the red help book next to the words Worlds Fair Guide Book and the topics will unfold. OR you can use the index below.


The pages below are for future use. 
When completed they will be added to the above index.

Here's what's planned for the World's Fair Guide Volume II 
1894 Mid-Winter 1901-02 South Carolina 1905 Lewis and Clark
1905 Hudson-Fulton 1909 Seattle 1915-16 San Diego
1958 Brussels 1986 Vancouver 1988 Brisbane
1992 Seville   2000 London


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