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Animals and Pets



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Wildlife - Alphabetical by Animal 

African Wildlife Foundation
Africanized Bees in California
Animals and Wildlife -
Bear Den, The
Bearded Dragons Ring - 15 Sites
Born Free - Animal Welfare and Conservation Charity
Cat Specialist Group: Species Accounts
IUCN - World Conservation Union 
Chinchilla Ring - 4 Sites
Cyberworm's World Wide Worm Tour Webring - 38 Sites
Dolphins, Porpoises
Dolphin Synergy - Images, Lore, Gallery
Dragonflyblue Webring - Dragonflies - 14 Sites
Endangered-Extinct Animal Links
FishBase - 25,121 Species, 70,000 Synonyms, 100,000 Common names, 25,000 Pictures, 20,000 References, 500 Collaborators - In Another Words, it's BIG
Frog Fanatics Webring - 5 Sites
Froglovers Anonymous Webring - 22 Sites
Grey Whale Photo ID - CERF -
 Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation
Global Entomology Agricultural Research Server - GEARS
Goat Kingdom - Goat Farm Links and Information 
Honeybee Ring - 88 Sites
International Otter Survival Fund - Scotland
International Snow Leopard Trust 
Jason's Snakes and Reptiles
Journey North 2001 - A Global Study of Wildlife Migration -
 Annenberg/CPB Foundation
Killer Whale Adoption Program
Land of the Wolves Webring - 76 Sites
Marine Mammals - NetVet Veterinary Resources
Monarch Watch - Butterfly
Monkey World - UK
National Wildlife Refuge System
Otter Project, The  
Penguin Lovers Online Webring - 7 Sites
Penguin Page, The
Peter and Barbara's Penguin Page
Primate Gallery Archive
Primates Project
Ring of Rubber Duckies - 9 Sites
Rubber Ducky,You're the One! Ring - 4 Sites
Sandy's Otter Page
Save the Chimps
Save the
Save the Manatee Club 
Snow Leopard Facts
Snow Leopard Trust 
Squirrel Almanac, The
 Guide to North American Tree Squirrels
Slug Site, The
Sue at the Field Museum
 The Largest Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton ever Found
Talyala Emu Farm - Emu Products Including Emu Oil  
The Bigger Big Cats Info Page - Non-Domestic Cats
The Butterfly Lounge Webing - 2 Sites
The California Gray Whale Tutorial
 California Polytechnic State University
The Cotton Tail Ring - 50 Sites
The Durban Bat Interest Group - South Africa
The Gerbil and Jird Ring - 76 Sites
The Jersey Wooly Webring - 46 Sites
The Mega Pigeon Ring - 199 Sites
The National Marine Fisheries Service - NOAA Fisheries
The Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
The Pig Collection Webring - 4 Site
The Shetland Wildlife Page - UK
The Stafford Enthusiast Webring - 20 Sites
The Sugar Glider Community Webring - 7 Sites
The Tazmanian Devil Ring - 9 Sites
The Virtual Whale Project
The Wonderful World of Penguins Webring - 17 Sites
Threatened Species - World Wildlife Fund
Tiger Information Center -
Tiger Territory 
Turtle Trax - Marine Turtles
Virtual Whale Watching
 Prince of Wales Whale Watching - Vancouver, BC
Voice for Animals - Animal Rights Group
WhaleNet - Boston, MA
Whale Watcher Demos
Whale Watching Web - WWW Virtual Library
Wild Wolves - NOVA Online
Wilderness Information Network
Wildlife and Fish Homepage
 National Resources Defense Council 
Wildlife Safari
Drive Thru Exotic Wild Animal Park in Winston, Oregon
Wildlife Sanctuary at Hillswick
Wolf Dunn, The
 Online Resource for Hybrid Wolves and Wolf Dogs
Wolfsite: The World of Wolves 
Wolf Source - Lupine Educational and Habilitative Network
World Wildlife Fund International 





Wildlife Webrings

Beautiful Butterfly Ring Index - 36 Members
Endangered Wildlife Webring - 179 Members
Majestic Beauty - The Eagle - 10 Members
Save Endangered Wildlife Webring Index - 74 Members
Waterfowl Lovers Ring - 51 Sites




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