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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True, Unusual and Just Plain Interesting

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  • Strange Stories and Weirdness in the News are below the index on the bottom of the page.

  • Please note that the following categories now have their own page: Abuse, Alternative Medicine,  African Studies, Angels, AnimalsAromatherapy, Astrology, AstronomyAuras, Biblical, Civil War, DictionariesDreams, Environment, Fantasy, GenealogyHealth, Herbs, History, LibrariesNew AgeMaps, Medieval, Native American, PhilosophyReferences, Religion and Wiccan.

  • Topics are indexed library style and cover: Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Societies, Bigfoot, Chakras, Chaos, Controversies, Consciousness, Conspiracies, Cosmology, Crop Circles, Crystals, Cryptozoology, Demons, Earth Science, Esoteric, Extraterrestrial, Faeries, Feminism, Folklore, Fortean, Ghosts, Gnomes, Great Thinkers, Hauntings, Healing, Hippy, Homeopathy, Horology, Hypnosis, I-Ching, Kirlian Photography, Kabbalah, Kundalini, Legends, Medicine, Meditation, Metaphysics, Miracles, Museums, Mysteries, Mystic Places, Mythology, Near-Death Experiences, Neuroscience, Numerology, Organizations, Pagan, Paranormal, Prophecies, Psychic Phenomenon, Qumran, Reflexology, Runes, Sea Serpents, Shamans, Skepticism, Sleep Paralysis, Spirits, Theology, UFOs, Visionaries, Witches, and then there's the Weird Stuff.

  • Here's a listing of Newsgroups covering weird or unusual topics.

  • Navigation is accomplished by using the main menu on the left. Just click on the red help book next to the words Stan's Bookmarks and the topics will unfold. OR you can use the index below.

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Strange Stories and Weirdness in the News 






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