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Animals and Pets

Pets - General


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Pets - General

Acme Pet Community
 Community, Magazine, Petcyclopedia, Petflicks, Q&A
American Pet Association 
Animal Artists Webring - 16 Sites
Animal Planet - Discovery Channel
Ask the Pet Expert -
Audubon Magazine Online
Cyber Zoomobile
Department of Animal Science - Oklahoma State University
Exotic Pets by Lianne McLeod -  
Healthy Pet Homepage
 American Animal Hospital Association
Humane Society of the United States 
Mice-on-Ice -
  The Other White Meat - Frozen "Mice-icles" for Your Pet
MySimon - Pets/Animals
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Naturesongs Digital Recordings from Nature
Pam's Animal Photography Webring - 16 Sites
Pet Channel - iVillage 
Pet Loss Support Hotline - Cornell University 
Pet Loss Support Page
Pet Name Finder
Pet of the Day
Pet Warehouse  
PETA Online - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PetJam - All About Pets
PogoPet - A Place for Pets and Their People - 
 Health Services, Community, Information
Prehistoric Pets
Revival Animal Health Pet Supplies
Waltham - Pet Care and Nutrition










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