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Computer Coliseum

Home Computer and Video Gaming History


Game History - Computer History - History by Generation - Historical Timeline


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 Game History

A Brief History of Video Games - by Sam Hart
Apple History
Charles Babbage Institute - CBI
Chronology of Computer History - 3000BC - 1994,
 doesn't cover the last 8 years but it's extensive
Chronology of Digital Computing Machines to 1952
Chronology of Personal Computers by Ken Polsson
Computer Chronicles
Computer History Association of California
Computer Museum - Amsterdam 
Computers: History and Development - 
 Jones Telecommunications and Multimedia
Computers, Video Games and Arcade Collector's Webring
 302 Sites
8-Bit Operating Systems
ENIAC Virtual Museum in Pennsylvania
Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present - v12.0.2
Historic Computer Images - US Army
Historical Computer Society Virtual Computer History Museum
History, History of Computers, and Education
History of Computers - A Timeline
History of Computers - Links and Resources
History of Computing
History of Computing Information
History of Shareware
Intel Museum
Hobbes Internet Timeline v5.2 
Museum Computer Network
Museum of Calculators
National Archive for the History of Computing - UK
Personal Computer Museum - Stenungsund, Sweden
Pioneers of Computing - WW-VL
Software Museum, The  - Amsterdam
Software History Center 
Telemuseum - Stockholm
The History Of Computers During My Lifetime by Jason Patterson
Triumph of the Nerds: A History of the Computer - PBS
Twenty Five Years of the Microprocessor
Usenet History
Virtual Museum of Computing, The



 Computer History

 Nintendo 64/SNES/Amiga/Playstation/Sega/Drea/Video Games
Archives In Hiberation - Apollo/Apple II/Atari/MacIntosh/X11
Atari Lynx - Portable - by Sam Hart
Atari Pong - Arcade Version - by Sam Hart
Atari Pong - Home Version - by Sam Hart
Atari VCS/2600 - by Sam Hart
Atari 5200 - by Sam Hart
Atari 7800 - by Sam Hart
Bally Professional Arcade - by Sam Hart
Brief History of Home Video Games - by Sam Hart
Dot Eaters - Classic Video Game History
Fairchild Channel F - by Sam Hart
Game SX - Video Game Tech - 
 Large Resource of Technical Information
History of Video Games
History of Home Video Games - 
 New Owners - Video Games and Acessories also
Jaguar Programming Doc - Zip File from Jeff Frohwein
Magnavox Odyssey - by Sam Hart
NEC TurboGraphix-16 - by Sam Hart
Nintendo Entertainment System - by Sam Hart
Nintendo Game Boy - Portable - by Sam Hart
Pete's Arcade Games Page
RCA Studio II - by Sam Hart
Sega Genesis - by Sam Hart
Sega Game Gear - Portable - by Sam Hart
Sega Master System - by Sam Hart
Sega Saturn - by Sam Hart
SNK Neo-Geo - by Sam Hart
Steve Cooper's Computer/Game Page 
Super Nintendo Entertainment System - by Sam Hart
The Video and Computer Games FAQs





 Historical Timeline

  as compiled by Sam Hart



Magnavox Odyssey - First Home Videogame - May of 1972
Atari Pong -Arcade version


Atari Pong -Home version


Fairchild Channel F


Atari VCS/2600
RCA Studio II


Bally Professional Arcade
Magnavox Odyssey2


Mattel Intellivision
Milton-Bradley Microvision


Emerson Arcadia 2001


Atari 5200
Milton-Bradly Vectrex


Atari 7800


Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Master System


Atari XEGS


Atari Lynx - Portable
Nintendo Game Boy - Portable


NEC TurboGraphix-16
Sega Genesis


NEC TurboExpress
Sega Game Gear - Portable
SNK Neo-Geo


NEC TurboDuo
Sega CD 
Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Philips CD-I


Panasonic 3D0
Atari Jaguar


Sega Saturn
Sony Playstation
Nintendo VirtualBoy -Portable


Nintendo 64




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