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Animals and Pets

The Dog Pound


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American Boarding Kennels Association
 Nonprofit Trade Organization
American Kennel Club for Purebred Dogs
American Rare Bred Association
Canine Companions for Independence
 Canine Companions National Website
Cyberpet - Cyberdogs and Cybercats
Digital Dog - Adoption, Behavior, Training, etc.
Doctor Dog
Dog Breed Info Center
Dog of the Day - Dog Stuff
Dog Play - Having Fun with Your Dog
Dog World Magazine Online
Dogpatch Doghouse, The
 Breeds, Shows, Training, Information, etc.
Dogs - NetVet - E-Text Veterinary Services  
Dogs Downunder - Information  About Australian Dogs
Dogs in Canada - Places Which Allow Pets When Traveling - Australian
Dr. Dog Paw Prints Newsletter
Golden Retriever Rescue Contacts - State by State
Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace
 Adoption, Articles, News, etc.
High Desert Brittanies
JCCARE - Japanese Chin Rescue dogs 
National Dog Registry Web
Paw Prints Post - An Online Newspaper
Pet Friendly - Canada
Seeing Eye, The - Seeing Eye Dog Information
Sheltie Page, The
ShowDogs Online
Virtual Dog - Get Yourself a Virtual Dog
West Coast Pug Lovers List - Newsletter
Woofs Magazine Online - Not for Profit Newsletter
Working Dog's Videos - Videotapes from WUSV, LGA, FCI, VDH, VVDH and Seminars in Obedience and Protectionwork with Lüneberg and Diegel. More than 2000 Dogs on Video.











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