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Computer Coliseum

Canon Computers



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  • Navigation is accomplished by using the main menu on the left. Just click on the red help book next to the words Computer Coliseum and the topics will fold/unfold. 


Canon CX - Museum of Dead, Gone and Obsolete Computers
Canon V-10 - MSX - The Home Computer Museum
Canon V-20 - A Resource from The Machine Room 
Canon V-20 - MSX - History of Home Computers 1975 to Today
Canon V-20 - MSX - Home Computer Hall of Fame
Canon V-20 - MSX - 8-Bit Nirvana - 
 Homepage für 8-Bit-Computer und Videospiele
Canon V-20 - MSX - The Home Computer Museum
Canon X-07 - Museum of Dead, Gone and Obsolete Computers
Canon's Cat Computer: The Real Macintosh - Jef Raskin's Work 
 with the Macintosh Computer, the SwyftCard, and the Cat 




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