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Animals and Pets

This Page is for the Birds


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A Birds Home - Bird Houses and Feeders
American Ornithologist's Union
Audubon's Birds of America
 Texts, Color Plates, Figures and Bird Calls
Bird Banding Codes
Bird Clipart by Christine Tarski    
Bird Identification - The Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Birding Links
Bird Song Recordings
Birding/Wild Birds -
Birds - NetVet - E-Text Veterinary Services
Birds of New England - Photos, Facts, and Links
Birds of North America 
 Birding with a Purpose - Bird Feeders, Watch, etc. - Breeder of Exotic Parrots
Budgerigar Home Page, The - Bird
Checklist of North American Birds
 The American Ornithologist's Union
Chickadee Web - Chickadees
Feather Site - The Poultry Page - 
 An Online Zoological Garden of Domestic Poultry
Hawk Watch International
HotSpot for Birds - Avian Mall and Reference Center - Information and Resources
Introduction to the Aves - The Birds 
Kitchener Waterloo Field Naturalists - Hundreds of Birding links
Owl Pages, The - Owls the World Over - Great Site
Penguin Page, The
Pet Bird by Up At Six Aviaries
Registry of Natural Habitats
The Aviary - Information Resource for Birds
The Nest Box - Birding
The Virtual Birder - North American Birds and Birding
Yankee Flipper - Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder  




All Kinds Pouters or Croppers Ring - 8 Sites
Australian Birding - 29 Sites
Bird Collectibles Webring - 16 Sites
Birder's Webring - 53 Sites
Birdhouses Ring - 21 Sites
Birdwatching Webring - 6 Sites
Budgie Talk Webring - 12 Sites
Hummingbird Webring - 29 Sites
Les Oiseaux Ring - 17 Sites
Our Feathered Friends Webring - 122 Sites
Pheasants & Peafowls Farm Webring - 4 Sites
Purple Martin Webring - 13 Sites
Purple Martin Webring - 10 Sites
Roma Fancy Pigeon Lofts Fancy Pigeon Webring - 40 Sites
The Lineolated Webring - Parakeet - 8 Sites
Wings - Birds - 5 Sites




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