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Animals and Pets

Animals and Pets - General


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Animals - General

46 + 3
A Beastly Garden Of Wordy Delights
 Adjectives, Names, Nouns, Sounds - Great Site
Amazing Animals 
AmphibiaWeb - Amphibian Biology and Conservation
Animal Behavior & Earthquake Prediction, Unusual
Animal Diversity Web
Animal Healing, Holistic Healing
Animal Image Collection Links - NetVet
Animal Magnetism
Animal Network - Critter Stuff
Animal Omnibus - One Stop Resource
Animal People Personals
Animal Pictures Archive 
Animal Planet - Discovery Channel
Animal Rights by Mesia Quartano -
Animal Search
 A Family-Safe Search Engine for Animal Related Web sites
Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology - Neat Site
Animals and Wildlife by Christian H. Sampson -
Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation
 Canadian Nonprofit Organization
Department of Animal Science - Oklahoma State University
Earth & Sky Radio Series
Endangered Species Program

Family - Health/Parenting/Pets/Travel/Learning

Friends of Animals
International Animal Rights and Protection Organization

International Species Information System 
ISIS Abstracts - Living Collections -
International Species Information System
Mammal Species of the World
 NMNH - 4,629 Recognized Species of Mammals
National Marine Mammal Laboratory's Education Web Site - NOAA
National Zoological Park - Smithsonian
Ocean Planet - Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition
Orcas-Free Lolita from the Miami Seaquarium
 The Tokitae Foundation 
Panama Audubon Society
Pet Jam
Pet Travel Club
PETA Online - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Pets -
Premeire Pet Insurance - PPIN
San Diego Zoo - Zoological Society of San Diego
San Francisco Zoo
Sherlock Bones - Missing Pet recovery 
That Pet Place - Discount Pet Supplies
Wildlife and Fish Homepage
 National Resources Defense Council 



Animal Newsgroups - General







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