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Collector Information Center

Women's Accoutrements: Vintage Couture
Clothing, Denim, Jewelry, Period Accessories, Victoriana, etc.


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Women's Accoutrements: Vintage Couture

American Quilts - Over 1200 Quilts for Sale
Antique and Vintage Dress Gallery
Antique Designer Costume Jewelry Links
Antique Jewelry Exchange
Antiquing Online - Antique and Vintage Jewelry
Art Deco Society of New York
Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Bead Society, Rocky Mountain
Bejeweled - Vintage and Collectable Costume Jewelry
Beverley Birks Couture Collection - Haute Couture - Victorian
Chintz and Shelley Tea Room
 Royal Winton, Shelley China, Linens, Silver, Recipes
Chrissy's World of Lady Head Vase Collecting
Collections by Ann - Vintage Jewelry and Accessories
Costume Jewelry Collecting -
Crazy Moon Fashions - Retro, Used Levi's, etc.
CybeRags - Used Clothing, Jeans, Shoes, etc.
Danita's Designer Handbag Boutique and Collectibles
Davenport & Company - Vintage Clothing and Accessories
Decades - Vintage Couture 
 and Accoutrements from the 60s-70s for Men and Women
Depression Delights - Vintage Costume Jewelry
18th Century Clothing Resources of the French and Indian War Period
e Denim - Jeans, Used and Vintage Clothing
5 and 10 Vintage Clothing
Flapper Station
 The Roaring Twenties Lives On - Excellent Site Follow the Links
For Your Ears Only - Vintage and Handcrafted Jewelry of Charm
Gems-Beads - Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, Furniture - Designer Boutique
Glitter Box - Vintage Designer Costume Jewelry
Grade A Used Jeans
Haight-Ashbury Scene - - Neat Site
Historical Boy's Clothing - A Really Good Site
J-Display Cases
Jan's Jewels and More
Jewel Diva Home Page
Jewelry, Vintage Treasures Costume
Jewelry Making -
Just Jewelry - Collectable Vintage Costume Jewelry
Liz Collectible Costume Jewelry
Marcia's Putting on the Glitz - Vintage Clothing and Accessories
Melinamade Fabrics - 1950s Fabrics with "Swatch-o-Vision"
Needle Book Museum, Rosie's
Netsuke Message Board - A Netsuke is a Small 
 Carving Usually of Wood or Ivory for use as a Toggle
Old Custom - Levi Jeans and Denim Products
Paper Bag Princess - Vintage Couture and Designer Resale
Past Patterns - Historical Patterns from1830s - 1920s
RUFCUT - Used Levi Clothing
Sparkles - Vintage Costume Jewelry
The Daisy Shop - Women's Couture Resale
Trashy Diva's Vintage Clothing - New Orleans,USA
Tri-State Antique Center - Vintage Purses, Jewelry, Compacts
Valerieg - Vintage and Contemporary Costume Jewelry
Victoria Research Web
Victorian and Edwardian Scraps
Victorian Elegance
 Vintage and Victorian Clothing/Jewelry and Accessories - A Victorian Antique Marketplace - Study Center - A Great Site
Victorian Society in America
Vintage Blues - Vintage Denim, Clothing, Collectables
Vintage Clothes, Bobby Dene's -  Victorian/Edwardian/1920s-70s/Hats/Shoes/Accessories
Vintage Clothing
 Barbara's Backroom - Hats/Dresses/Shoes/Accessories
Vintage Clothing, Kitty Girl
 Jewelry and Accessories from the 1920s-50s
Vintage Fashions, Reminiscing
Vintage High Fashion
 - Modernist Vintage Couture and Designer Fashion
Vintage Levi's
Vintage Textiles
Way Out West  Antiques and Vintage Clothiers



Womens Accoutrements - Webrings

Hair Work Webring - 9 Sites
Phriendly Hemp Sisters Webring - 15 Sites
Romance Remembered Webring - 3 Sites
The Corsetorium Webring - Corsets- 1 Sites
Vintage Clothing & Household Items Webring - 70 Sites
Wedding Professionals Webring - 42 Sites





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