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Computers and Internet

Windows OS - General Information


General Information - Links


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Absolute WinInfo
ActiveWin - Activating the Ultimate Windows Resources -
Add Dial-Up Networking - Tutorial - Tech Advice
BHS.com - Windows NT/2000 Resource Center -
Bob Cerelli's Windows Page - Windows Tips and Tricks
Change the Swap File to a Different Drive - Tutorial - Tech Advice
ClubWin - Windows 95/98/200/NT Information
Configure DUN - Tutorial - Tech Advice
Configure Internet Connections - Tutorial - Tech Advice
Dierk's Page - Animated Cursors for Windows 95/98/NT
DirectX FAQ - from ActiveNetwork
Download and Install a Program in Windows from EagleNet Online
Easter Eggs - Tips and Tricks from ActiveNetwork
FAT32 FAQ - from ActiveNetwork
FixWindows - Windows Troubleshooting Guide
Frank Condron's World O'Windows
 News/Resources/Tips Win 3x/95/98//2000/NT
Glossary of Windows Terms - ComputerTips.com
How to Troubleshoot Registry Errors
 Article form Microsoft Products Support Services
InfiniSource - Windows Help - Articles/News/Information/Resources
Installing Modem Software - Tutorial - Tech Advice
Kermit for Windows
 PC Communication Package For Windows 95/98/2000/NT/OS2
Malek Tips
 DOS/Windows/MS Office/Web Design/Promotion/More 
MCP MCSE Chat and Study -  A Resource for Those 
Studying for the MCP and MCSE Microsoft Certifications
Microsoft Developer Network - MSDN Online - Microsoft.com
Microsoft DirectX Home User Download Center 

Microsoft Homepage 

Microsoft Knowledge Base Search 
Microsoft Download Center 
Microsoft NET Web site - Forum 2000 - Microsoft.com
Microsoft Support Knowledge Base 
Microsoft X-Box FAQ - from ActiveNetwork
Microsoft's Windows Anonymous FTP Server Site - It's SLOW
MSDN Online
 Microsoft Developers Network - Resources for Developers
OSR2 FAQ - from ActiveNetwork
Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
PCWin Resource Center - Windows 95/98/CE/NT Shareware
 Freeware Archive Utility for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Program Tips from ActiveNetwork
RegEdit - Windows Registry Guide - Tips, tricks and tweaks for
 getting the most out of your Windows™ 95, 98, NT and 2000
RegEdit - Windows Registry Guide
Registry Tips from ActiveNetwork
Registry Tips by Bob Cerelli
Strelecki.com - Your 32-bit Windows Resource on the Net 
SysInternals - Advanced Utilities/Technical/Information/
 Source Code related to Windows 9x and Windows NT/2K internals
Troubleshooting and Resource Guide for Windows 95/98/ME
 Non-technical, non-commercial site for Win 9x/ME users.  Lots of
tips, tricks, walkthroughs, Internet resources, a newsletter, more
2,001 Windows Tips - Windows Magazine 1997
USB FAQ - from ActiveNetwork
Video Files, Drivers for Windows
 Older Drivers - WorldWideMart.com
Virtual Portal - Windows Discussion
Windows - General Tips - Chamis.com
Windows - Newsgroup FAQ
Windows Annoyances
Windows Downloads - ZDNet Product Guide
Windows Driver and Hardware Development  - Microsoft.com
Windows Emulation - Newsgroup FAQ
Windows Help Pages Menu
 DOS/IRQs/Hard Drive/Tips/FDisk/Partitions/More
Windows Hot Tips by Mary Winstead
Windows News - ZDNet Product Guide
Windows Power Tools by Karen Kenworthy
Windows Tips Index - General Tips - Chamis.com
Windows 32 bit - General Tips - Chamis.com
WinMag - Windows Department
WinMag - Windows E-Zine - News/Reviews/Information/Resources
WinPlanet - Windows Information - Subjects Index
WinPlanet - Windows Informational E-zine - 
Windows Development - Resources - Builder.com
Windows Help Pages Menu
 DOS/IRQs/Hard Drive/Tips/FDisk/Partitions/More
Windows Media Player Homepage 
Windows Media Developer Center SDK page
Windows Media Guide - Microsoft.com
Windows Networking Articles - WinFiles How-to Articles
Windows Me FAQ - Millennium Edition - from ActiveNetwork
Windows Me Homepage - Millennium Edition
Windows "Whistler" FAQ - Joint Business/Consumer Version of
 Windows classed as Windows 2001 - from ActiveNetwork
WindowsGalore - Intra-Designs - Windows Troubleshooting Site
 Shareware/Demoware/Tips/Trialware/Utilities/More - HTTP
WugNet - Windows Users Group Network 
WWW Software for Windows PCs
 Browsers/HTML Editors/Plugins/Viewers




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