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Computers and Internet

Webpage Design and Guidance


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Access FP - Front Page Resources
Advanced Web Programming 
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability
 Regular Article on Web Usability
All Things Web - A Collection of Articles on Web Authoring
Ask Dr. Web - Good Help for Web Makers - HTML/Tools/Tips/More
Authoring & Site Design - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
Basic Web Design Tips and Tricks - Web Design Resource
BeSeen.com - Webmaster Services - 
 Includes Banner Exchange/Chat Rooms/More
Better Homepage
Build a Great Web Site--Cheap! - C/NET
C/NET.Com - Web Building - Library/How-to's/Tutorials/More
Carlo's FORMS Tutorial Goals
Client Support Tools - The 6th Wave
Comprehensive Resource for Publishing on the Web
 Design Resources
Counter: Live Counter Classic
 Free for Personal Pages/$15 for Commercial - Great
Counter: Web Scripts - Only uses 12 Lines of Code
Creating Killer Websites by David Siegel
CyberAtlas - Internet Statistics and Market Research
Design - Articles/Tutorials
Design - Resources
Designing for Multiple Browsers Without Being Bland - Article 
Do's and Don'ts of Web Design - 5 Year Old Advice, But Useful
Do's and Don'ts of Web Style by Garuda Productions
DocB's Web Design Clinic
 A Step-By-Step Guide to Effective Website Design
Dynamic Drive - DHTML Code Library - 
DynamicSites - Free Java Scripts/Articles/Reviews/Tools
eBOZ - Your Guide to Creating Successful Websites
Elements of Web Design - C/Net Builder.com
Frames: An Introduction - Netscape Assistance
Frames Tutor
Framing the Web - Frames
Front Page Stars Webring Index - 224 Sites
Form Tutor
General Web Design Philosophy
Gif Wizard Home Page - Optimizes GIFs and JPGs 
 on Your Website to Improve Download Time
Glassdog Web Design - Introduction
Grantastic Designs - Graphic Design/Web Design/Marketing Tips
Great Website Design Tips
Guide to Web Style - Sun Microsystems
Help Authoring Resource Center
Hints for Web Authors by Warren Steel
How to Add Audio to your Site - C/NET
How to Create Animated GIFs - C/NET
HTML Author's Guide to the Robots Exclusion Protocol
Info Design Tutorial - Content presentation on the Web
Intranet Design Magazine - Intranets/Extranets/Web Design
Introduction to Databases for Web Developers
Introduction to Web Design
Introduction to Web Programming
JoeExpert - Search Engine for Web Design 
Magic Buttons - MouseOver Effects Tutorial
Making a Frames Web Site Bookmark Friendly
Neon Design Tips by Dave Kristula
Net Tips for Writers and Designers  by David Siegel - Web Wonk 
Northern Webs - Web Design, Guidance and Information
Open Market- The Internet Index Home Page
 Internet Facts and Statistics
PerlSite - Free Perl/CGI Scripts/Tutorials
Pixel Foundry - Web Design/Tips/Backgrounds, etc.
Recipe for a Successful Website by Nathan Shedroff
Recommend It - Generate Traffic with this Button 
Site & Page Design - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
Site Design - User Group - SiteExperts
Site Navigation Techniques
Site Organization
 Web Site Promotion and Analysis Tools - from bCentral
SitePoint - Resources to Build and Grow Your Website
So, you want to make a Web Page! by Joe Barta
Table Tutor - WebTutor Tutorial
The Ciel Web Page Editing System  by Thomas Boutell - Freeware
The Down-to-Earth HTML Tutorial by Heather Mateyak
The Seven C's of Web Service Design - University of Georgia 
Thinking Critically
UniNet Solutions - Free Perl Script/Counters/Midi/Downloads, etc.
Valerie Casey's Web Design Tutorial
 Add Voice or Sound to Email/Auction/Ads/Personal Webpage
Web Authoring - CGI/HTML/Java/JavaScript/More
Web Authoring - Virtual Doctor Support Forum
Web Authoring Style Guide - WDVL
Web Design Articles - PageResource.com
Web Design Guide - DreamInk's Web Design
Web Design Resource - PageResource.com - 
 A Web Development Tutorial & Information Site
Web Page Design for Designers by Joe Gillespie
Web Programming Topic Guide - Using Python  
Web Programming 101
Web Toolbox - Free Counters/Games/Polls/Pop-up
 Creator/Position Analyzer/More
Web Workers Tool Box
 Cascading Style Sheets/Java Script/HTML
Webpage Resources - Free Stuff
 ClipArt and Non-Design Freebies
Webpage 101 from TIMTV
WebResources - Free Tutorials/More - 
 CSS/DHTML/Primer/Java Script/Web Mastering 
WebReview - Web Authoring/Design and Development
Website Garage
 Services for Maintaining and Improving your Web Site
Website Templates - Free Templates from JimWorld
Webtime Internet Tools - Free Website Resources
WebTools - E-Zine
WebWeavers Page 
WebWorkshop - MSDN Online -
Whatis.com - Computer/Internet/Technology -
Workers of the Web, Evolt
 Evolt.org - Articles/News by Web Designers
WorkSpace Resources - Tools, Tips and Techniques Resources
 for searching the internet, Promoting and managing your business,
 Designing and building a home page, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and
 CGI scripting, Graphics, animation, colors and fonts, Maintaining
 your computer and Internet advertising, publicity and marketing.
WWW Authoring Information
Yahoo Store
 Information and Costs for Opening an eCommerce Site
Yale Style Manual - Great Place to Start for Web Designers




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