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ALERT-- from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
 Aggressive Defender of Firearms Ownership
Antique Ammunition Webring - 22 Sites
Bayonet Collector's Webring - 31 Sites
Barrels and Blades Webring - 17 Sites
Brassroots-l - Pro-gun Organization
CDN-Firearms - Canadian Firearm Laws, Regulations, and Related
Citizens, Control Your Guns
Citizens For A Strong America
Cutlery - Knive Center on the Internet - One Large Catalog
Cyber Eagles -  General Discussion Group
 including but not limited to Gun and Property Rights
Cybershooters - for Shooters and Gun Owners Worldwide
DefGun-l - Discussions of Guns for Defense
Everything Sniper - Long Range Precision Rifle and Firearms
Firearm Image Library
Firearm Page, American
FreedomList - Pro Freedom, Pro-Gun
Gun - Guns and Ammunition
Gun Nut & Reloaders - firearms and reloading as a hobby
Handcuff Collection, Yossie's
Hot Topics: Violence - Talk about Gun Control and Violence
RecGuns on the Web - An Extensive Gun Resource
Recreation Guns FAQ Pointer
RKBA-Alert - National Rifle Association(NRA) alerts list
 National Rifle Association of America Announcements
 Gun Rights Group dedicated to the preservation of gun ownership
Save Our Guns - The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Shooting World for Shooters
Tactics - Defensive tactics, Self-defense, Firearms
The Knife Shop - Scissors/Knives/Cutlery
The Swords Ring - 102 Sites






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