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US Civil War

Texas in the American Civil War


General Resources - Units and Regiments - Battles and Battlefields


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General Resources

Archaeological and Historical Investigations at Camp Ford, Texas
Denbigh Project
 Archealogy of a Civil War Blockade Runner - Texas A&M
Camp Ford, Archeaology at  by Dr. Alston V. Thoms
Camp Ford, CSA -
Cemetery for Hebrew Confederate Soldiers
Civil War Rosters - Texas
Civil War Round Table of Dallas
Confederate Soldiers of Northeast Texas
JK Street Letters - Soldiers Letters to His Wife - 9th Texas Infantry
Major Civil War Battles in Texas
Morgan's Regiment of Texas Cavalry
Official Historic Web Site of the 10th Texas Infantry
Parson's Texas Cavalry Brigade -  12th Texas Cavalry
Private Right Marshall Grooms - 10th Texas Artillery Battery, CSA 
Smith County Historical Society Camp Ford - Tyler, Texas
Terrell's Texas Cavalry, 37th Regiment, CSA
Texans in the Civil War 
Texas - Regimental Histories - James River Publications
Texas Adjutant General Service Records 1836-1935
Texas Brigade Reenacting units Database
Texas Confederate Journals
Texas Confederate Pension Records - Search
Texas Confederate Research Center
Texas Division - Sons of Confederate Veterans
Texas Forces in the Civil War
Texas in the Civil War
Texas In The Civil War Message Board
The Williamson County Grays
 7th Regiment, Texas Mounted Volunteers, Company C 
Troy Groves Terry Rangers Website
Virtual Victoria: Confederate Soldiers - Victoria County, Texas
Waul's Texas Legion
Willis' Cavalry Battalion



Units and Regiments

1st Texas Cavalry, CSA
 Colonel Buchel's First Texas Mounted Rifles
1st Texas Light Artillery Battery H
4th Texas Battalion - Reenactors
4th Texas Battleflags
4th Texas Cavalry
4th Texas Confederate Infantry Regiment
4th Texas Infantry, Company E - 
 Lone Star Guards - History and Renactors
4th Texas Infantry, Company H
4th Texas Regimental Artillery
4th Texas Volunteer Infantry, Company C
5th Texas Partisan Rangers
6th Texas Cavalry, Company F, The Lancaster Guard
 Stone's Regiment
6th Texas Cavalry Battalion, Company E  - Gould's Texas Battalion
6th Texas Infantry  - Company K
7th Texas Cavalry
7th Texas Cavalry, Company B, CSA - German-Texans 
8th Texas Cavalry - Company I
8th Texas Cavalry - Terry's Texas Rangers 
9th Texas Artillery, CSA
9th Texas Cavalry, CSA
9th Texas Infantry, CSA
9th Texas Militia, Texas State Troops
10th Texas Infantry - Nelson's Regiment
11th Texas Cavalry - State and Confederate Service Records
12th Texas Cavalry - Parsons Dragons
18th Texas Cavalry, Company I - Darnell's Regiment
19th Texas Cavalry, Comapny I
21st Texas Cavalry
28th Texas Cavalry, Company I - Dismounted - Roster
29th Texas Cavalry, CSA
30th Texas Cavalry
34th Texas Cavalry
35th Texas Cavalry - Brief History 
37th Texas Cavalry, CSA -  Terrell's Texas Cavalry



Battles and Battlefields

Civil War Battle Map - American Memory
Civil War Map of Battles - Texas
Galveston - tx002 - Texas - 
 American Battlefield Protection Program - ABPP
Galveston - tx003 - Texas - 
 American Battlefield Protection Program - ABPP
Palmeto Ranch - tx005 - Texas - 
 American Battlefield Protection Program - ABPP
Palmeto Ranch, Texas, Battle of
Sabine Pass - tx001 - Texas - 
 American Battlefield Protection Program - ABPP
Sabine Pass II - tx006 - Texas - 
 American Battlefield Protection Program - ABPP
Red River Campaign - Texas - Campaign description with ORs




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