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Help Desk

Ada 95 Reference Manual
AGP Implementers Forum - Onsite PC and File Server Support
Alex's Electronic Test Bench
 An Online Guide to Useful Electrical and Electronic Information
AT&T 6300-6386 Support Files
BIOS World, All -  BIOS and Motherboard Manuals
BIOS, Driver, Manual Download
 Hard Drive, Sound Card, Network, DVD, Modem, CD-R, More
 Boot Disks, CD-ROM Files, Quality Utilities And Help Sites
BenchMark Resources
BugNet - Software Bugs Fixes/News/Analysis/More
Cases, Cooling, Overclocking - Forum, Discussion, Q&A
C/Net's Big Bad Tech Support Guide
Chip DataSheets
Chip Directory
Citrix Support Services - A-Z Index - Troubleshooting/Tips/Tricks
CitrixSupport - Installation, Setup, and Operation of WinFrame
Com Port, IRQ and Modem Diagnostics
CompInfo - Computer Information Center
Complete Illustrated Guide to PC Hardware
Computer and Communications Standards
Computer Glossary Online
Computer Help Desk
Computer Helper Guy - Articles/News
Computer Hope - Software/Hardware Help/Q&A/More
Computer Manuals Help-Site
Computer Resources, Ambit's Links to
Computer Science Internet Resources, Guide to
Computer Technical Support and Information Webring
 35 Sites Listed
ComputerCraft Reference Library
Computers - How Things Work
Computing and Information Services Help Desk
 CIS Help Desk Knowledge Base
Computer Tips - Technical Information Pages -  
 Display/Forums/IO Devices/Links/MBs/More
Computing - WWW V-L
Computing Information Resources - NCSA
Computing Information Resources - Stanford
Connector Pinouts  -   Keyboard, Joysticks, 
 Disk Drives, Motherboards, Buses, Memories
CPUs - HardwareCentral - 
 Discussions, Bulletin Board, Information, Q&A/Help
Databookshelf Electronic Component Databook Data Sheets
Datasheets Online - Company List
Daves PC Help - Tips, Tweaks, Links
DFI Tech Support
Direct Connect Any Windows Platform Computers
DirectX Eradicator 
Adaptec Techn Support - SCSI, RAID, Fiber, USB
DPT Technology Library - Fiber Optic Networks
Electrical and ElectronicsEngineering - WWW-VL
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive
Electronics Page
  Electronics, Chip Datasheets, Transistors, Search Engines
Electronic Cookbook Archives
Electronic Engineers Toolbox
 Embedded Systems, Bluetooth, WiFi
Electronic Journals - UC Berkeley
Electronic Topics, Bookmarks on
Electronics Engineering Web Ring - 77 Sites Listed
Enhanced IDE/Fast-ATA FAQ
Epson America FTP Server
 Legacy Specs - Printers/Scanner/Drivers/Other
Epson Support - HTTP Site
Experts Exchange - Q&A
Expertcity - Question and Answer Pay Service
Printer and Plotter Drivers - TD&G Computer Solutions
Fatal Exception Errors Page - Tech Advice
Fatal Exception Errors and Invalid Page Faults
5StarSupport - Free Technical Support - 
 Front Page/HTML/Internet Explorer/Netscape/More
FixWindows - Windows Troubleshooting Guide
FOLDOC - Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing
General Hardware Discussions - Hardware Central
Guide for Troubleshooting and Repairing Clone PCs
HardwareCentral - Reviews, Tutorials
Hardware Central - Discussion, Forums, Tech Support
Internet Help - Guides and Tutorials
Helpdesk - Complete Helpdesk Reference
High Tech Dictionary
How to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 95
 Microsoft Products Support Services
How to Troubleshoot Registry Errors
 Article form Microsoft Products Support Services
IBM PCs Tech Library - Hardware Service Manuals
IEEE 1284 - Parallel Port Specification
IEEE 1394 Firewire
Intel Motherboard Manuals - Microprocessor Resources
Internet and Computer FAQs
Internet FAQ Archives
IT White Papers Library
Jeff Frohwein's Integrated Circuits Page
Jeff Frohwein's ISDN Technical Page
Jeff Frohwein's Technical Central
Jeff Frohwein's Technical Information Page
Kruiser's Tips and Trick - Computer Topical Resources
Long Vision Download Drivers -
 Ethernet LAN Cards/Legacy Devices/Old Product Manuals
Long Vision Products Page
 Print Servers/CD-ROM/ATA Flash Memory/Others
Manual Page, The - English
MCSE Information Sites -  A Resource for Those 
 Studying for the MCP and MCSE Microsoft Certifications
MCSE FTQ Study Groups Homepage
MCSE, CNE and A+ Page - Notes, Study Exams, More
Motherboard Manual Page
Motherboards - HardwareCentral - Forum, Q&A
Sound Card Troubleshooting Guide - Hardware/Software Resources, Downloads,
 IT Career Center, Tech Support, Utilities, more
Networking - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
Norm's Industrial Electronics
Online Intel Documentation - Microprocessor Resources, Data
 Sheets, Programming Manuals, 386/486, More
On-Line World Resources Handbook
PC Alert - Tech Support Resources on the Net
PC Guide - Detailed PC Reference Information
PC Industry Specifications - Phoenix Technologies -  White Papers
PDAs - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
PHOAKS - Help Page
Plug and Play Technology - MS
POST Error Codes - Power On Self-Test
QUAG - Worldwide Q&A User Group - Q&A Database Software
Quick Answer for Symantec's Q&A Database
RadioLocman - Electronic Resources and Schematics
RepairWorld - Repair Support Services
SandPile - Pure Technical IA-32 Processor Information
Scanners Troubleshooting Page - Tech Advice
Scanners Troubleshooting Page, Parallel - Tech Advice
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ - For the "Do-it-Yourself"-er
SCSI Troubleshooting Guide
SCSI Troubleshooting Guid - Windows XP - PDFfile
SupportTech - Drivers/Updates/Upgrades/Patches
Surplus Record - Machinery and Equioment Directory - System Optimization Information  
System Optimization and Enhancement Guide
Systems and Components Reference Guide
Technical Literature Database
 Manuals, Datasheets, Guides - ST Bookshop
Tek-Tips Forum
The Hardware Book - Adapters/Cables/Connectors
The PC Guide - PC Reference Information - 
The Winn L Rosch Hardware Bible
Transistor Datasheets
Troubleshooting and Repair Guide
Troubleshooting and Resource Guide to Windows 95
 or, How to Beat Your Computer Into Submission 
Troubleshooting Beep Codes - Motherboards - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting Modem Problems In Windows 98
 Microsoft Products Support Service
Troubleshooting CD-Recorders Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting CD-ROM Drives Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting CD-Writers and Tape Drives - Svein Jensen
Troubleshooting Com Ports Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting Dead Computers Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting ESCD Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting Hard Drives Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting Joysticks Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting Modems Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows
Troubleshooting Printers Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting Sound Cards Page - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting Video Cards - Tech Advice
Troubleshooting Video Cards Page - Tech Advice
Unix - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
Unix Help Desk
Video Cards Information Page - Tech Advice - Hardware Help Online -
Webopedia - Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms
WhatIs - A to Z Database of All Things Computers
Windows 3.1 - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
Windows 95 - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
Windows 98 - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
Windows 2000 - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
Windows ME - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
Windows NT - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
Windows XP - Virtual Doctor Tech Support
Windows Platform Development
WindowsGalore - Intra-Designs - Windows Troubleshooting Site
World of Windows Networking




ftp:periodic-postings - FTP Site - FTP Site




news:alt.answers - Newsgroup
news:comp.answers - Newsgroup
news:news.answers - Newsgroup




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