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US Civil War



General Resources - Webrings


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 General Resources

A. E. Burnside Sutlery - Niles, Ohio
Allen's Laurel Hill Sutlery
 Uniforms, Accessories- Rockford, Illinois
Amazon Dry Goods - Ladies Wear, Shoes - Davenport Indiana 
Anthony D Miller & Co, Ambrotypes from your photos
Antique Optics
 Field Glasses, Telescopes and Sundry Accoutrements 
AzRA Historical Resources - Supplies, Props
Bent's Cookie Factory - Crackers - Milton, Massachusetts
Black Powder Musketts
Blockade Runner - Full Line Sutler  - Wartrace, Tennessee
Border States Leather Works (Doug Kidd)
C & C Sutlery - Full Line Sutler - Emmett, Idaho 
C & D Jarnagin, Co. - Full Line Sutler - Corinth, Mississippi 
Cabella's - Sporting Goods, Weapons
Carrico's Leatherworks
Chapman & Sons - Artillery Sights - Marshall, Michigan
Chile-N-Crackers Reproductions - China Calico Buttons - Columbia, California
Civil War Relics from the Carolina Rebel 
CJ Daley Historical Reproductions
Clearwater Hat Co.
Crescent City Sutler - Full Line Sutler - Evansville, Indiana - Kennesaw, Georgia
D & M Woodcrafts - Display Cases for your Collectibles
D & N Mercantile - Full Line Sutler - Ventura, California 
Dirty Billy's Hats
Dixie Gun Works - DGW - Union City, Tennessee 
Dixie Leather Works
Don Diego - Weaponry - Valencia, Spain
Fair Oaks Sutler - Full Line Sutler - Spotsylvania, Virginia
Fall Creek Suttlery - Full Line Sutler - Whitestown, Indiana
Frazer Brothers - Full Line - Dallas, Texas
Grand Illusions Clothing Company - Full Line Sutler -
 Newark, Delaware and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Greenewood - Wood Items - Eastlake, Ohio
Hamilton Dry Goods - Cookeville, Tennessee
Harriet's TCS - Men's, Women's and 
 Children's Period Costumes - Danbury, Connecticut
Hatshapers - Hat Blocks - Michigan
Heritage Leathers - Middlesex, North Carolina
Historical Ordinance Works
Honest Tom's Sutlery - Full Line Sutler - Bakersfield, California
Irish Joe's Cartridge Tubes - Redwood Valley, California
James Country Mercantile - General Sutler
JAR - Replica Revolver, Pistol and Rifle Firearms 
Jas. Townsend and Son - Full Line Sutler - Pierceton, Indiana
Jefferson Armory - Artillery - Phoenix, Oregon
Lavender's Green Historic Clothing - Hillsboro, Oregon
Looking Back Historical Clothier - Civilian Period Clothing
Mercury Supply Company - Full Line Sutler - Livingston, Texas
Military Warehouse
 Military Artifacts and Goods - Corinth, Mississippi
Miles of History Online Catalog - Auction - Sweetwater, Tennessee
Mill Creek Mercantile - Full Line Sutler - Mulino, Oregon
Mrs. McLean's Mercantile - Civilian Clothing & Supplies - Hillsburgh, Ontario, NOB
Mrs. Mellie's Sutlery - Civilian Clothing & Supplies  - Smithers, West Virgina
Mystical Moon - Civilian and Military Clothing - Washington, Maine
Navy Arms, Company - Firearms - Ridgefield, New Jersey 
Originals By Kay - Womens Victorian Clothing - Churubusco, Indiana
Panther Primitives - Tents
R & K Sutlery
Sekela, Historic Clothiers - Full Line Sutler - New Jersey
Old South Blacksmiths - North Carolina
Orchard Hill Sutlery - General Sutler - Bridgeport, New York
Past Reflections
 Women's Period Clothing - Brownstown Township, Michigan
Pedersoli & Company - Firearms
Quartermaster Shop - Military Uniforms - Kimball, Michigan
Quartermaster Woolens - Miltary Blankets - Lakeville, Minnesota
R & K Sutlery - Full Line Sutler - Lincoln, Iliinois
Reb Acres - Military Antiques and Collectibles
Regimental Quartermaster
 Full Line Sutler - Hatboro, Pennsylvania 
Richmond Arsenal - Firearms - Richmond, Virgina 
S & S Sutlers of Gettysburg - Full Line Sutler - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Servant and Company - Uniforms, Clothing
Shamrock Hill Books
Southern Trading Co.
Sutler's Supply - Pensacola, Florida
The Confederate Shoppe
The Depot - Kepis - Shepherdstown, West Virginia 
The Fall Creek Sutlery
The Horse Soldier Antiques
The Horse's Mouth Historical Clothiers
The Jarnagin Company
The Maryland Sutler - Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Thickity Creek Sutler - Greeneville, North Carolina
Upper Mississippi Valley Mercantile - Davenport, Indiana 
Victoria Louise, Mercers - Textiles - Jefferson, Maryland
Winchester Sutler, Inc - Winchester, Virgina 



Sutlery Webrings





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