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Reference Desk



General Statistical Resources - Statistical Newsgroups


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General Resources

Administration on Aging 
Allstat Statistics Mailing List
AmeriStat - One Stop Source for US Population Data 
Aruba Central Bureau of Statistics
Australian Bureau of Statistics
BC Stats, British Columbia, Canada
Biro Pusat Statistik - Statistics Indonesia
Biostatistics - University of Washington
Bureau of Justice Statistics Home page 
Bureau of Justice Statistics 2000: At a Glance
Bureau of Labor Statistics Data - US
Bureau of Labor Statistics - Home Page
Bureau of Transportation Statistics - US DOT
Cancer Statistics for 2002
Census of India
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
Central Administration for Statistics Lebanese Republic
Central Bureau of Statistics Israel
Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Central Statistical Office of Poland
Census and Statistics Department
 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Census Bureau Home Page - USA
Central Bureau of Statistics - Israel - English
Central Statistics Office, Ireland
Consumer Price Indexes
Council of European Social Science Data Archives - CESSDA
Crime and Justice Electronic Data Abstracts
Crime Statistics -
Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Denmark Statistics 2002
Department of Statistics - Malaysia
Department of Statistics, Amman - Jordan
Disability Tables
Disability Statistics for States, the US and the World
Economic Research Service - USDA
Election Statistics
Electronic Statistics Textbook 
Europa - European Union's Server - News and Statistics
European Football Statistics
EUSTAT Basque Statistical Office
Experian - Audience-research Data 
FACTNet International Digest
Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Reports 
Federal Court Statistics - Cornell University
Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics - US
Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center - FJSRC
Federal Statistical Office Germany
Federal Statistics Briefing Rooms
 US Federal Economic Indicators
Forrester - Audience-research Data 
FedStats - Search
FedStats - US Statistics
Forage for Data - Websites for Free Public Opinion Data
Foreign Trade Statistics - International
Gallup Organization - Attitudes, Opinions, and Behavior Analysis 
Geostat: Geospatial and Statistical Data Center
Global Internet Statistics - by Language
Global Report on Crime & Justice: Datasets - UNCJIN
GeoHive: Global Statistics - Statistics on the Human Population
Un-Habitat - UN Human Settlements Program 
Government Information Sharing Project - US
Handbook of International Economic Statistics: 1997
Harper's Index 2002 - Statistics
Health Care Statistics from the White House - SSBR
Higher Education Statistics Agency - HESA - UK
Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department
Hungarian Central Statistical Office
IDB Data Access: The International Data Base
Infonation: Choose Countries
Institute of Mathematical Statistics - IMS 
Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences - Duke University
Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences
  Statistical Resources - Duke University
Instituto Nacional de Estadística Geografía e Informática
Instituto Nacionalde Estadisticay Censos - Ecuador
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research -
International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology - IASSIST
International Crime Statistics Link Guide
International Statistical Agencies
Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms by Dr. Howard S. Hoffman
Internet Statistics - Growth and Usage of the WWW
Irish Central Statistics Office
Italian National Statistical Institute
Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia Department of Statistics, Malaysia
Journal of Official Statistics - Sweden
Journal of Statistics Education - JSE
Judicial Statistics 
K-12 Statistics Education
Labor Statistics  - CPS - Current Population Survey
Lake Database, World - 500 Lakes Worldwide   
Mapping Crime: Principle and Practice - CMRC
Mathmatical Statistics - Links from Yahoo
Mediamark Research - Audience-research Data 
Murray Research Center - Social Science Data Archive 
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems
National Center for Charitable Statistics - NCCS
National Center for Education Statistics - US NCES
National Center for Health Statistics
National Center for Statistics and Analysis - NCSA 
National Criminal Justice Reference Service - Mainpage
National Criminal Justice Reference Service - Search
National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect
National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration - NHTSA 
National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics
National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic
National Statistical Institute of the Republic of Bulgaria
National Statistical Office of the Republic of Korea
National Statistics Department - Saint Lucia
National Statistics Office - Malta
National Statistics Office - Philippines Official Web Site
National Statistics Office of Mongolia
National Statistics Office of the Republic of the Philippines
National Statistics of Taiwan, Republic of China
Non-U.S. or International Crime Statistics
Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency - NISRA
Nua Internet Surveys - Internet demographics and trends
Nunavut Statistics, Nunavut, Canada
Office for National Statistics - UK
OFFSTATS - Lists Web sites Offering Free and Accessible Data
OffStats - Official Worldwide Statistics on the WWW
Organized Crime - Crime Statistics
Other Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web - US Dept of Labor
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics - PCBS
Population/Demographic Resources
Population Reference Bureau - PRB
Portugal National Institute of Statistics
Public Agenda Online
Public Opinion Poll Question Database
Quebec Institute of Statistics, Canada
Rainer's Web Site for Statisticians - More Resources
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics - Rice University
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
Russian Statistical Agency
Safety & Health Statistics Home Page
Schoenfield's List of Data Archives - Oxford University
Securities Class Action Clearinghouse
Social Indicators
Social Science Data Archives: Europe
Social Sciences Data on the Net - Statistical data
Social Sciences Data Collection - SSDC - social science data 
Social Statistics Briefing Room - White House
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
 Bureau of Justice Statistics
Sources of Comparative International Statistics
Spanish Statistical Institute
 On-line Statistical Software for Astronomy and Related Fields
State Institute of Statistics Republic of Turkey
STATEC, Luxembourg
Statistical Abstract of the United States
Statistical Agencies: International
Statistical Assessment Service - STATS - Non-profit Research
 Organization in Washington, DC 
Statistical Institute of Jamaica
Statistical Links - Netherlands
Statistical Office of Estonia
Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Statistical Consulting Center for Astronomy
Statistical Departments and Institutes
 Raniers Website for Statisticians
Statistical Quotes
Statistical Resources on the Web
 University of Michigan - Great Collection
Statistical Resources on the Web - Health
Statistical Science Web 
Statistical Software - Resources and Information
Statistics Algeria National Office of Statistics
Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources 
Statistics Belgium
Statistics Bureau & Statistics Center
Statistics Bureau & Statistics Center Japan
Statistics Canada
Statistics Canada - English
Statistics Education links - On old list but it's BIG
Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Statistics Faroe Islands
Statistics Finland 
Statistics Finland - English
Statistics Greenland
Statistics Iceland
Statistics Indonesia
Statistics Japan
Statistics Lithuania
Statistics Netherlands - CBS
Statistics Netherlands - CBS - English
Statistics New Zealand - Te Tari Tatau
Statistics Norway - English
Statistics Norway - Main page
Statistics Norway's International Tables
Statistics on the Web - 100s of Statistic Related Links
Statistics Research Group - Monash University
Statistics Singapore
Statistics South Africa
Statistics Sweden
Statistics USA - Service of the US Department of Commerce
Statistik Austria
Statistique Canada 
Statistisk sentralbyrå - Forside - Norway
StatLib - Resources of information from Around the World
StatLab - System for distributing statistical software, datasets, 
 and information by electronic mail, FTP and WWW
 Accurate Internet Statistics and user Trends in Real time
Statoo - Statistics - Datamining - Stockmarket Analysis
St@tServe - Statistics & Data Mining on the Internet
Survey of State Procedures Related to Firearm Sales, Midyear 1999
Swiss Statistics
Swiss Statistics Swiss Federal Statistical Office
Tax Statistics - IRS
The Crime Mapping Research Center - CMRC
The Crime Statistics Site
The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics
The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study - Final Report 1998
The Probability Web 
The Source United Kingdom Government Statistical Service
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library- Statistics
UK: National Statistics
UN Crime and Justice Information Network
UN Population Information Network - POPIN
UNESCO Institute for Statistics 
UNESCO Statistical Yearbook
UNICEF Statistics
United Nations Cyber Schoolbus
United Nations Statistics Division
US Bureau of Justice Statistics
US Bureau of Labor Statistics
US Bureau of Transportation Statistics
US Census 2000
US Census 2000 Data Access and Use
US Census Bureau
US Census Bureau: Housing Topics
US Census Bureau: State and County QuickFacts
US Census Bureau: Subject Index
US Census Bureau: Voting and Registration
US National Agricultural Statistics Service
US National Center for Education Statistics
US National Center for Health Statistics
US Statistical Abstract - US Census Bureau
Violence and Discipline Problems in US Public Schools -
World Biographical Index
World Population Clock Projection
World Population Database -  
 85 Demographic Variables for 221 Countries 
World Population Information
ZIP Code Business Patterns



Newsgroups on Statistics

news:sci.stat.consult - Statistical Consulting - FAQ - Educational topics and Teaching Statistics 
news:sci.stat.math - Mathematical Statistics
news:sci.math.research - Mathematics Research 

Newsgroups on Statistical Software

news:comp.soft-sys.matlab - MATLAB software - SAS software 
news:comp.soft-sys.shazam - SHAZAM software
news:comp.soft-sys.stat.spss - SPSS software 
news:comp.soft-sys.stat.systat - SyStat software




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