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Computers and Internet

Internet Statistics


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An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Geographies of the Internet 
Bandwidth Speed Test
Browser Usage Stats - BrowserWatch.com
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bureau of Justice Statistics
 Internet Statistics and Market Research for Web Marketers
eLab - Electronic Commerce Research Laboratory
Global Internet Statistics - by Language
Global Internet Statistics - Just Amazing
GVU Center's WWW User Survey's
 Graphic, Visualization and Usability Center
Headcount - Internet usage Around the World
Internet Demographics Stats - The Big Picture
Internet Domain Survey - Internet Software Consortium
Internet Economic Indicators
Internet Geographic Stats - The Big Picture
Internet Hardware Stats - The Big Picture
Internet Health Report 
Internet Index Homepage
 Open Market - Facts/Statistics about the Internet and Related
Internet Stats Toolbox - The Big Picture
Internet Traffic Patterns - The Big Picture
Internet Traffic Report - Worldwide
Internet Usage
 Facts and Stats - State of the Net - Cisco Systems
ISP Satisfaction Survey Results
Klever Index for Regional Internet Development
Media Metrix 500
 Alphabetized List of the top 500 Digital Media Sites
NetFactual.com - Guide to Finding Facts about the Internet
NetSizer - Watching the Net Grow - Forecasting Tool
Nielsen Net Ratings - Daily Stats/Top Ten Reports
NUA Internet Surveys - by Category 
Online Demographics and Usage - 1998
PollingReport - Public Opinion Online
State of the Internet Report 1999
State of the Internet Report 2000 - US Internet Council
Statistics Canada
 Canada's Business/Economy/Society - English/French
Statistics Toolbox - Internet World
 Accurate Internet Statistics and User Trends in Real-Time
Top Monthly Websites
WebSnapshot - Global Web Data Trends




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