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Computers and Internet

Online Software Resources


General Resources - Shareware/Demoware - Freeware - Newsgroups - Symantec's Q&A Database


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General Resources

Acclaim - Game Software
Association of Software Professionals 
AtGuard User Forum - Blocks Cookies and Pop-Up Advertisement
 Banners - Product is Discontinued - Technology was Sold to
 Symantec, However this Forum is for Current AtGuard Owners
Compression FAQ
Financial/Budget Management Software Q&A -
Kermit for Windows-
 PC Communication Package For Windows 95/98/2000/NT/OS2
Miscellaneous. Software -
Miscellaneous WWW Software Tools and Resources -
 University of Toronto
Online WWW Software Tools and Resources - University of Toronto - Browsers, HTML Editors, Plugins, Viewers
Open Source Developement Network - Software, Tech News
Programmers File Format Collection - Wotsit's Format
Shareware FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
Tech Highway - Software for Sale
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection  - Contents Page From A-Z



Shareware - Demoware - Freeware

Alpha Omega Systems - MS-DOS File Downloads  
Anfy Team Homepage - Free Download of Windows, Mac and
 Linux Software Programs for Web Graphics, HTML Special Effects
 and Navigation, Web Cam, Chat Rooms, Real-time 3D
 Animations, Desktop Wallpaper and Screensaver - 31 Languages - Freeware, Shareware
C/Net Downloads
ChannelOne File Library - Software - Freeware, Shareware
CMUGs Shareware/Freewqare Collection
DaveCentral - Software - 
 Betas, Demos, Freeware, Shareware for Windows/Linux
IT Pro Downloads - Freeware, Shareware
Freeware Files - Free Software for Win 3.1/95/98/
Galt Download Zone
 MP3, Shareware, Themes, Screensavers, Wallpaper 
Jumbo - Over 300,000 Shareware And Freeware Programs
MusicMatch Jukebox -
 Free Music Player (also has a pay-for Version)
NoNags - Freeware/Shareware Software - Shareware Reviews
Sierra Software Home Page
Softseek - Freeware/Shareware
Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List - Freeware/Shareware
SWREG - Realtime Software Sales Services for Programmers - Software Directory for Network Admins and IT Pros
Tucows - Freeware, Shareware
 Add Voice or Sound to Email, Auction, Ads, Personal Webpage
Web Attack - Freeware, Shareware
Windows 3.1 Software Archive
 Shareware, Demoware, Tips, Trialware, Utilities, More - HTTP
WWW Software for OS/2 
WWW Software for Unix
 Browsers, HTML Editors, Plugins, Viewers
WWW Software for Windows PCs -
 Browsers, HTML Editors, Plugins, Viewers



Free Software

A Simple Web Site Search Program by Thomas Boutell - 
 Written in PERL 5 - Freeware
AdAware - Free Spyware Removal Program 
Adobe Acrobat Reader - Adobe - Free Version
AFFA - Advance Free For All Link Page - 
 Build  an FFA Links Page with this FREE Program from Trellian
Anacando Software - Website Helper Apps
Apache HTTP Server Project - Free Server Software
Automachron 4.008 - Freeware SNTP client - Simple Network
 Time Protocol - For Synchronizing Your Computer's Time with an
 NTP Server
Baklava 1.01 - A Sprite Toolkit for Java Applets - Freeware
Bobby 3.1.1 -Web-Based Tool That Analyzes Webpages for
 Accessibility to People with Disabilities - A FREE Service by
Book Organizer - Free Software 
Bookmark Managers - Free
CGIC: An ANSI C Library for CGI Programming  
 by Thomas Boutell - Freeware
CoMa's Freeware List
Debian/GNU Linux - Free OS for Linux
Eraser - Free advanced security tool (for Windows), which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.
Filzip 2.0 - Free Zip Manager 
Floppy 2 CD Software - Free from
Freeware Games List -
Freeware+ - Buy Copies of up to 3 Software Tiles and put Your
 Company's Logo Embedded into the Software Products that you
 give your visitors for FREE
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
 an interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF
GNUs Not Unix! - The GNU Project - Complete Unix-like Operating
 System which is Free Software and uses the Kernel Linux
GoZilla - FREE Utility for Downloading 
 Software from the Internet - Great Features
Information City - Free Webmaster Software 
Is Your Freeware Spyware?  - IsYourFreewareSpyware.html
JOC Soft - Free Software - 12 Titles 
JOC Web Spider
  Download websites FAST and navigate offline 
LinkToLink - Free Reciprocal Link Management Tool
Meta Tag Generator - Free Meta Tag Generator Program
Movie Organizer - Free Software 
Night Stalker - Freeware Windows Programs 
NoteTab - Free and Pay Versions -
 Like Windows Notepad on Steroids
NotesPad Text Editor for Windows - Free - Old but Useful
 Freeware Archive Utility for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
PrePromote - FREE Meta Tag Keyword Creation Software
PricelessWare - Freeware Windows Programs
Real Tracker Free - Website Statistics Application
SimpleSubmit for Windows - FREE Website Submitting Software
Son Of Spy Freeware
  Over 1600 of the Best Freeware Programs - Free Online Spellchecker(s) for your Website
SpyWare, am I Infected?
SpyWare List -
SU Submit - FREE Website Submitting Software 
Skylark Utilities - Freeware/Shareware
Sonique - Freeware Media and MP3 Player similar to Winamp
SpyChecker - Database of SpyWare Products 
The Ciel Web Page Editing System  by Thomas Boutell - Freeware
Total Commander - Shareware - File Manager
Tracer Lock - Free personalized Notification System for People
 Using Search Engines - Notifies you when a New Web Page
 Arises with Your Search Criteria
Weather Bug - FREE Live Weather Forecast Information 
Weather Monitors -
  FREE Windows Weather Forecasting Programs 
WebAttack - Free Software Downloads - 100s of Titles 
Web Stripper - Free Software Program to copy websites to your hard disk for you to browse offline later 
Windows Freeware
 from the makers of the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup 
World Map Wallpaper - Free neat program 
Your Organiser - Free Online Personal or Group Calendar
ZDNet/PC Magazine Freeware Downloads - A-Z Listing 
ZipCentral -
  Free and Easy to use Zip File Manager - 1.19MB Download
ZipGenius - Freeware Zip Tool Suite 

ZoneAlarm - Free Internet Firewall Software Program






Symantec's Q&A Database

QUAG - Worldwide Q&A User Group - Q&A Database Software
Quick Answer for Symantec's Q&A Database 




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