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Sewing, Quilting, Textiles


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A Stitch In Time Webring - 8 Sites
AAA Vacuum and Sewing Center
Ace Vacuum and Sewing Center
American Quilts - Over 1200 Quilts for Sale
Bob Bannen's Vintage Sewing Machines
Button Collectors Webring - 84 Sites
Crocheted Afghans Webring - 9 Sites
Featherweight Fanatics Homepage
Free Knitting Patterns by Barbara Breiter -
Gaileee's Featherweight Sewing Machine Information and Resource Site
Historical Clothing - 18 Sites
Historical Sewing Club Webring - 9 Sites
International Sewing Machine Collector's Society
Judy's Sewing and Craft Museum
Knitting by Barbara Breiter -
Machine Knitting UK Webring - 5 Sites
Me Mes Originals - Rag Rugs, Crochet
Medieval and Reinassance Seamstresses Ring - 5 Sites
Melinamade Fabrics - 1950s Fabrics
Mohair and Angora Goat Webring - 37 Sites
Needle Book Museum, Rosie's
Needlepoint by Janet Perry -
New and Used Antique, Vintage and Toy Sewing Machines
 Parts too
On-Line Antique Sewing Machine Resource Page
Quilter's Express Tours
 Tour Quilt Shops in St. Louis, Missouri with Local Quilters
Quilting by Susan C. Druding -
Quilting Friends Webring - 4 Sites
Rusty Bobbin, The
SB Family Crafters Webring - Stitchin Bitches - 6 Sites Ring - 20 Sites
Sewing by Debbie Colgrove -
Sewing Gallery
Sewing Machine Books For Sale
Sewing Machine Collectors Society, International
Sewing Machine Page
SewItGoes - Victorian Sewing Machine Trade Card Listing
Singer Sewing Machines
St Anne's Virtual Sewing Machine Gallery
Tattered Rabbit Quilt Shop - For Sale, Supplies, Links
The Lock-Stitch
The Lock-Stitch Webring - 4 Sites
Toy, Antique and Featherweight Sewing Machine Sales
Vintage Textiles
Weaving/Spinning by Päivi Suomi -
 see also Arts and Crafts category






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