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Computers and Internet

Security Related Resources


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Security Related Issues

@stake Security News
Alt.Security Newsgroups FAQs - Anti-Polygraph Test Website
APB News
AtGuard - Blocks Cookies and Pop-Up Advertisement
 Banners - Product is Discontinued - Technology was Sold to
 Symnatec, However this Forum is for Current AtGuard Owners
AtomicTangerine Information Security 
Attrition.Org Defacements -
 Attrition Mirror Strives to Archive Defaced Sites 
 Search Engine for Security Related Websites
Black Ice
C-Squad Community
Canadian Computer Emergency Response Team
CERT Advisories - Computer Security 
CERT Coordination Center
 Network Security and Survivability Problems
Computer Manuals Online Bookstore - UK Mail Order
Computer Security - Newsgroup FAQ
Computer Security Information
 General Information About Computer Security
Cotse - Security Related News and Information - 
 Church of the Swimming Elephant - Great Resource
CounterPane Labs - Internet Security
Security Logic Links
Crypto-Gram Newsletter
Cryptography: The Study of Encryption - Resources
Cryptography: The Study of Encryption
 Websites, Publications, FAQs and References
Cryptography and Privacy
Cryptography FAQ
Cryptography Homepage
CyberArmy - Fighting for a Free and Independent Internet  
DEF CON - Cryptology Related - Educational & Governmental -  Hacking Related - Organizations - Security Related - Telco,
  Phreaking - Zines and Documents -  Vendors - Virii
DEF CON FTP Ezine Archive Page - Major Hacking Sites
DoShelp Intrusion Prevention and Reporting Services
DSInet - Dutch Security Information Network
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Warfare Associates - EWA Canada 
Encyclopedia of Computer Security
Fighting Ezula
  Web Author's War Against Contextual Advertising
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams - FIRST
Fringe of the Web - Security Related 
Gibson Research
  Security and Privacy Information and Downloads
Hack FAQ
 HNC Headquarters - Articles/Newsletter/Knowledge Center/More
Hacker FAQ
Hacker Whacker
HackerWacker -  Remote Network Secuity Scan - 
 To Prevent You From Being Hacked
Host Board - Firewalls, Computer Security, Internet Privacy
How to Report Internet-Related Crime - USDOJ
Htpasswd and Htaccess Tutorial
I-Bomb Info 
I've Been Hacked -  
 What to do When a Trojan Hacks into Your Files
Information Security and Anti-Hacker Information - Resources
InfoSysSec - Hacking and Hackers, Computer Security, Programs, Search Engines, Portal News, Anonymous Surfing, more - Awesome Resource

Index of Cryptography Papers Available Online - 1978 - Present

InfoWar - Security and Cybercrime Information 
Internet/Network Security
Internet Engineering Task Force 
Internet Fraud Complaint Center
ISS X-Force -  Resource for Computer 
 Threats and Security - Alerts/Newsletter/More
Java Security Hotlist
Mind Security 2000 - Advisories/News/Reviews/Security Papers
National Fraud Information Center
Network Advertising Initiative - Opt-out of Targeted Advertising 
Network Security Library
Newsgroup FAQs: Alt.Security -
Norman - Data Security Company - Virus Control/Access Control/ 
 Encryption/Network Security/Data Recovery/Certified Data Erasure
Office of Data Protection - UK - Established March 1, 2000
Opt-out  - of Advertisers Mailing List
Packet Storm - IP Network Emulator
Packet Storm Security
 100 Most Recent Additions to their Archives
Password Recovery Software -
Personal Infomediary Center
Polygraph Policy - Federation of American Scientists 
Practical Privacy Guide - Consumer Information Organization 
Privacy Forum
Privacy Initiatives - US Federal Trade Commission
Privacy Law PlayBook
Privacy Resources -
Privacy Rights Now - by Ralph Nader
Reporting Consumer Fraud
Risks Digest
Sam Spade - Library, Online Tools
SANS - System Administration, Networking, and Security
Secure Servers - SSL Yutorials
SecuriTeam - Security News and Tools - Focuses and Reviews
Security - The basics on operating a safe web site
Security and Encryption Links
Security News Portal
Security Resource Center - eWeek
Security Resource Link Farm -
 Encryption and Security Related Resources
Security Resources, General
Security Space - Articles, News, Reports, General Information
Security Tools - WebAttack Software - Freeware
Security World Wide Web Sites - 117 Resources
Security Electronic Magazines, Newsletters, and News Sites -
 10 Sites - Articles, Bugtraq, Products
SecurNET® Security and Encryption References
Snake Oil Warning Signs: Encryption Software to Avoid
Symantec Security Check
The Cookie Leak Security Hole in HTML Email messages
Tiny Software - Free Firewall Software  
Top 50 Hacker Sites
Treachery Unlimited - security-related information 
Trend Micro - Security Info - Virus Encyclopedia
Trojan Ports to Block -  
UK Hacker News Network
UK National Criminal Intelligence Service Home Page
UNCLENET - Network Security 
USSR - Underground Security Systems Research - 
Virus MD - Articles/News
WebFringe - Computer Security Resources
Window Security - Internet Security Resource - 
 Security, Firewalls, Antivirus, Intrusion Detection, Audit, etc.
Windows 2000 Security: Guide to Hacking and Underground Pages for IT Professionals
Wiretrip - Rain Forest Puppy - 
 Security, Hacking, Knowledge Base, News, More
Witness -
  Using Video and Technology to Fight for Human Rights
World Wide Web Security - W3C Security Resources
WWW Security FAQ
Yahoo Links for Hacking
Yahoo Links for Security and Encryption
X-Force Threats Analysis Service - Internet Security Systems 
ZDNET Cybercrime - Cybercrime Articles
ZDNet Security
 Internet Security, Help Articles from Credit Cards to Viruses
ZDNet Virus SuperGuide - ZDNet Help and How-to's









Hacking and Phreaking in General

23 - Kyra
Alt.Hacking FAQs 
alt.hackers.malicious FAQ
AmeriPhreak - Ameritech Phreaking in 812-502 and Beyond.
AstaLaVista - Cracks and Serial Number Search Engine
Basic Usage Unix Commands Plus a chmod intro
Digital Dawg Pound
DSInet - Dutch Security Information Network
Everything a Hacker Needs to Know About Getting Busted By The Feds
Free and Full Online Course Subjects - from
Guide to Mostly Harmless Hacking 
Hacking Information - Semi-FAQ  Site 2- Online Courses and Information
HDC: Neophyte Haven - Hacking Guides, Information, Exploits, Security
IWS: Information Warfare Site 
Jargon File Resources - The New Hackers Dictionary
New Order - Computer & Networking Security Portal
Outbreak Magazine
Old Skool Phreak
Scene.text.files - Zines
TextFiles - Awesome Resource - Security, Ezploit, Hacking, etc
The Art of Hacking Homepage - Matt
ThePsykos Basic Computer Secuirty Information Site 



Reverse Engineering, System Utilities Tools

CASE Tools Index 
Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communication Terms - Search Page
ExE Tools -
 Utilities for Pack, Protect, Encrypt, Unpack Executables
FCC ID Number Search Page - Office of Engineering Technology
Hacking Truths - What They Don't Teach In Manuals
Mocha, the Java Decompiler 
Programming and Reverse Engineering Links
REC: Reverse Engineering Compiler Home Page
Reverse Engineering Tool and Documentation Tools 
Reverse Engineering Tools 
Reverse Engineering Forums 
SharkyExtreme -
 Hardware, Software, Technology News and Reviews 
SysInternals - Information, Source Code, Utilities
TNT Crackers Internet Gateway 




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