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Computers and Internet

Search Engine Guidance and Web Strategy


General Information - General Resources - Search Engine Submission Sites


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Big Search Engine Index - Only 811 of them - UK Website 
Conducting Research on the Internet  - Univ at Albany Libraries
EntireWeb - Web Crawler 
Evaluating Quality on the Net by Hope N. Tillman
FantomNews - Cloaking & Search Engine Positioning  
Glossary for Information Retrieval
Guide to Effective Searching on the Internet by Visual Metrics
Guide to Effective Searching on the Internet - 
I-Search Discussion List
Internet Search Strategies - Search Engine Showdown 
Learning More about Search Engines and Subject Directories: FAQs  by CLN
Media Metrix Search Engine Ratings - Search Engine Watch 
MidSeek - Locate Search Engines by Country 
Pandia Post
Power Searching For Anyone - Search Engine Watch 
Quick Reference Guide to Search Engine Syntax  - 
 University at Albany Libraries
Ratings, Reviews and Tests - Search Engine Watch 
ResearchBuzz - Excellent Resource  
ResearchBuzz  - News
Search Engine Alliances Chart - Search Engine Watch 
Search Engine and Subject Directory FAQs - Searching FAQs
Search Engine Forums
Search Engine Fundamentals - Tutorial from
Search Engine Report
Search Engine Reviews - Search Engine Showdown 
Search Engine Showdown - Search Engine Showdown 
Search Engine Showdown Online Newsletter
Search Engine Statistics - Search Engine Showdown 
Search Engine Terms
Search Engine Tutorials - Search Engine Watch 
Search Engine Watch - Tips About Internet Search 
 Engines and Search Engine Submissions by Danny Sullivan
SearchEngineBase Forum -
 International Directory of Search Engines
SearchEngineForums -  JimTools - For the Adult Content Webmaster 
SearchEngineNews - Resource 
Searching the Internet - Recommended Sites 
 and Search Techniques - Univ at Albany Libraries
Searching The Net - Help Guide - ZDNet
SearchIQ - Search Engine Reviews, Tutorials and a Directory of Specialty Search Engines 
Second Generation Searching on the Web  - 
 University at Albany Libraries
Sink or Swim V4 - Internet Search Tools & Techniques
SpiderFood - Forum 
Surfing with a Purpose - Process and Strategy put 
 to the Test on the Internet - Educom Review
Suggested Internet Research Strategies by Ronald W. Kriesel
The Spider's Apprentice - Helpful Guide To  Web Search Engines
Toward More Comprehensive Web Searching
 Single Searching Versus Mega-searching by Gred R. Notess
Up and Coming Web Search Engine/Directory
User's Guide to Web Surfing - Search Engine Showdown 
Web Search - 
Web Search Newsletter
Web Search Strategies - by Debbie Flanagan
Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting 
Web Searching Tips - Search Engine Watch 



Search Engines Submission Sites - Mostly Free

AddMe - FREE Submission up to 25 Popular Search Engines and Directories
All4One Submission Machine
FREE Submission up to 30 Major Search Engines and Directories - FREE Submission up to 20 Major Search Engines and Directories
Dynamic Submission 2000 -
 Web Promotion and Search Engine Submission Tool
Free Quick Step Website Submission - Top 8 Search Engines
Free Top Ten Search Engine Submission - Free Ezine Ad, Search Engine Submission
Jim World -
 List Your Site with the Major Search Engines and Directories
MidCity - Pay-for Service
NET-ADS Submission Station -
 Free - Up to 24 Search Engines and Directories
Postmaster Announce - Free and Pay-for Service
Power Advertising
 Free Online Submission to 75 Search Engines and Directories
Promotion World's Search Engine Submission -
 Over 30 Search Engines
ResubmitIt - Free Search Engine Submission
SubmitBlaster - Free Online Web Submission Tool 
SitePromoter - Search Engine Submission Software
Submit4Less - Pay-for Service
Submit Express -
 Free Website URL to 40 Search Engines and Pay-for Service
Submit in an Instant Website Submission -
 Free and Small Fee - 1030 Search Engines
Submit Shack -
 Free Search Engine Submittion - Includes International Countries
Submite4Free - Submit your website to over 1100 search engines
SubmitSide - Free URL submission 250+ search engines
Tintagel Internet Resources -
 Free Submission - 12 Search Engines
The Webmasters -
 Search Engine Submission and Registration Service
Traffic Boost - Submission Service 
Ultimate Promotion - Traffic Builing Packages 
Virtual Stampede - Pay-for Service 




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