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Computers and Internet

Healthy and Safe Computing


General Information - Links


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Build a Computer
 Online Guide to Planning  and Building Your Own PC
Build Your Own Computer by Matthew Welsh
Build Your Own Computer Today - Waterwell.com
Communication Tools - Help Guide - ZDNet
Computers and Internet - Network54 
Essential- Ergonomic Aids - ZDNet
Glossary- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - ZDNet
Healthy PC - Topical Information from ZDNet
How-To- Ergonomics Superguide - ZDNet
Introduction to SNA - Systems Network Architecture
Introduction to TCP/IP
Learn a little Basic Electronics - Waterwell.com
Learn the Dangers Of Electricity and your PC - Waterwell.com
Learn to Build Your Own Computer
Online Hand-Me-Down PC
Online Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Building a New ATX PC
Operating System Tutorial and Resource Guide
 DOS/Windows/Mac - Bowling Green SU
PC Guide - Detailed PC Reference Information
PC Lube and Tune - Introductions/Tutorials for Computer Users 
PC Protection
 ZDNet Help and How-to - Hackers/Viruses/System Perils
PC Tutorial from NCSU English Department Faculty
Power - Installation - Hardware Guide - Waterwheel.com
Power - Troubleshooting - Hardware Guide - Waterwheel.com
PowerBooks, iBooks - Help Guide - ZDNet
PPP Computer Protocol
PPP FAQ - Computer Protocol - Newsgroup FAQ
SNMP FAQ - Computer Protocol - Newsgroup FAQ
Standards and Protocol - Resources - Builder.com
Stretch Break Pro is a Computer Buddy that Schedules 
 Stretch Breaks for you and Demonstrates how each
 Stretch is Performed - Free Trial - $44.95 to Buy
The FAQs About Wires - Networking Q&A 
The Hand-Me-Down PC - Original Online Version
The Jargon File - Hacker Jargon/Slang
The Storm Before the COM - COM Ports and Modems
The TAO of Backup 
The Unusual Diode FAQ
Uucp Internals - Protocol Internals - Newsgroup FAQ




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