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Old Time Radio and TV


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Radio and Television

A Salute To Jean Shepherd
ABC Radio News Tribute Site
Amatuer Radio Links
Antique Radio Grill Cloth
Antique Electronic Supply - Vacuum Tubes, Books,
  Transformers, Capacitors, Resistors, Parts
Antique Radio Schematics and Capacitors
  Vintage Tube Radios Schematic Diagrams 
Antique Radios On-Line
Antique Vacuum Tubes
Antique Vacuum Tubes -
Antique Wireless Association -
Auman Museum of Radio and Television
Bill Halvorsen's WQMR/WGAY Radio Memories
Bing Crosby On Radio
Bob Hope On NBC Radio - The Library Of Congress
California Historical Radio Society - CHRS 
Canadian Antique Radios Schematics Service - JustRadios
Canadian Vintage Radio Society
Classic Radio Gallery
Classic TV by Debi Jenkins -
Crystal Radio Set Systems -
  Design, Measurement and Improvement 
DCNY Radio Memory Bank Links
DCRTV Nostalgia And History Page
Early Television Foundation - Hilliard, Ohio
Edwin Howard Armstrong - Inventor of FM Radio
Electrical Wiring FAQ
ESRC - Vacuum Tubes, Electron Tubes, Thermionic Valves -
 Buy, Sell, Trade
Fibber McGee & Molly Homepage, The Unofficial
Fred Allen Tribute Site
Gerard's Radio Corner
German Vintage Radio Site - Ask-Jan 
Golden Radio Buffs Of Maryland
Ham Links
Hammond Museum of Radio - Fred Hammond VE3HC
Historical Radio Society of Australia
History Of American Broadcasting
History Of Washington DC AM Stations
ILG Radio - Digital Satellite World
Kerbango Tuning Service - Online Radio Service - 4000+ Stations
Kitchener Waterloo Amateur Radio Club
Kitchener Waterloo Amateur Radio Club - Canada
Marconi Calling Exhibitions, The
Museum of Radio and Technology - Homepage
Museum of Radio and Technology
 Early and Unusual Radio Apparatusand History
Museum of Telegraph and Scientific Instruments
Museum of Television and Radio
MZTV Museum of Television - Toronto
NBC Monitor Tribute Site
1950's-70's Transistor Radios Circuit Diagrams and Servicing Data -
Nostalgia Air - Vintage Radio References 
Notes On The Troubleshooting And Repair Of Television Sets
Novelty Radio SuperCollector 
 Gary Arnold's Novelty Radio Sales
N3EYR's Radio Links
 Amatuer, Commercial and Broadcast Sites on the Net
Old Car Radio Schematics
Old Radio Digital World - UK
Old Time Radio Shows In MP3 & Real Audio
Old Time Radio WWW Page
Old TV Schematics and Television Repair Manuals
On-Line Radio Trader
Padgett Peterson's Zenith Trans-Oceanic and Hickok Pages
Paul's Radio Museum
PoliceScanners - Live Police & Fire Broadcasts
Philco Repair Bench, The
Playthings of the Past - Vintage Radios, Tubes, Parts, Literature - Amatuer Radio
Radio by Corey Dietz -
Radio and Tape Museum - Cologne., Germany 
Radio Call Sign Search - 
Radio FAQ
Radio FAQ - Another FAQ
Radio History Society - and the Radio and Television Museum
Radio Museum Rottenburg & phono General Questions - FAQ in 9 parts
Red Star Radio Site - Russian Old Radios
RF Parts Company
Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual Volume I through VII Online
Sandusky CB Club Homepage - Many CB Links
ShopHelper - TV, VCR, Camcorder and
  Monitor Repair Tips and Information
Soviet Cold War Era Radios 1973 to Present
 General Issue Tactical Radios
Superman: The Original Radio Series
Surfing the Aether
Talk Shows by Belinda Halter -
Telegraph Office - Resource for Wire and 
 Wireless Telegraph Key Collectors and Historians
Television - How it Works
Television FAQ
The Big Broadcast With Ed Walker
The Broadcast Archive - Barry Mishkind Presents
The Great 98 WRC Radio Tribute Site
The Joy Boys - Ed Walker & Willard Scott
The Library Of American Broadcasting
The Museum of Broadcast Communications - Chicago
The Museum of Television And Radio In NYC And LA
The Old Radio Fixer Upper Guy
The Original Old-Time Radio WWW Pages
The Shadow Radio Theater
The Washington Old Time Radio Club
Top 100 Old Time Radio Moments of the 20th Century
Transistor Radio Directory, The
Tribute To Wolfman Jack
Tube World
TV Party - TV History 1945-1980s - 30 Hours of Audio/Video
United States Early Radio History
US Radio Stations Sorted by State - 
Vacuum Tube Valley - Classic Electronics Reference Journal
Vacuum Tubes Inc.
Victor Amateur Radio Association - VARA
Vintage Audio - Sales and Restoration
Vintage HAM Radio / CB Radio Schematics , Service Manuals -
Vintage PA and Audio Amplifier Schematics and Service Data
Vintage Radio Emporium
Warren's Antique Radio Restoration World - A Great Resource



Radio Webrings


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