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Academic Press
ACS Publications
Adis International Ltd
AdvanceTech Monitor
Allen Press, Inc.
American Health Consultants
American Physiological Society
Annual Reviews Inc.
Appleton and Lange
Artech House
Aspen Publishers - Food Science
ATL Press
Australian Academic Press
BC Decker
Begell House, Inc.
Benjamin/Cummings Science
Biomedical Products
BIOS Scientific Publishers - UK
Birkhäuser Verlag Basel - Czechoslovakia
Blackwell Science
Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag - Germany
BMJ Publishing Group
CAB International
Cambridge University Press - UK
Carden Jennings Publishing, Ltd.
Centre for Entomological Studies, Ankara
Churchill Livingstone
Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press
Coral Press - Bulgaria
CRC Press - Math, Statistics and Non-Medical
Current Biology
Current Science Group, The
Deepak Publishing, A
Dekker, Marcel - Germany
Deutscher Fachverlag - Germany
Deutscher Wissenschafts-Verlag - Germany
Drug & Market Development Publications
Earthscan Publications - UK
Editorial Inter-Médica - Argentina
EDP Sciences - Les Éditions de Physique 
Edwards, RT
Elsevier Science
EMH - Editores Medicorum Helveticorum - Czechoslovakia
FA Davis Company, The
FCN Publishing
Folium Publishing Company - Russia
Freeman and Company, WH
Futura Publishing Company
Gordon and Breach
Govi-Verlag - Germany
Gruyter, Inc., Walter de - Germany
Hanley and Belfus
Hans Huber AG
Harcourt College
Harcourt International
Haworth Press Inc, The
Hayward Medical Communications - UK
Heldref Publications
Heron Publishing
HighWire Press - Stanford
Hogrefe & Huber Publishers
Horizon Scientific Press
Human Kinetics
Humana Press Inc
IM Publications - UK
Imperial College Press - UK
Inter-Research Science Publisher
Internet Scientific Publications
IOSPress - The Netherlands
James & James
John Hopkins University Press
Jones & Bartlett
Karger AG, S - Czechoslovakia
Kluwer Academic Publishers
 The Netherlands - Science and Technology
Krieger Publishing
Land Publishers, Thomas
Landes, RG
Lawrence Earlbaum Associates 
Libbey Eurotext, John - France
Liebert Publications, Mary Ann
Lippincott, Wilkins and Williams Publishers - Medicine
Logos-Verlag - Germany
Macmillan Press - UK
Mark Allen Publishing
Markt & Technik Vertriebs AG - Czechoslovakia
Masson - France
Maudrich KG, Wilhelm
MCB University Press - UK
Medical Economics Company
Medical Science International
Merck & Company, Inc.
Microsoft Press
MIT Press
MMV Verlag - Germany
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Munksgaard International Publishers - Denmark
National Academy Press
National Information Services Corporation - NISC International
Neva Press
Norton, WW
Nottingham University Press - UK
Oldenbourg GmbH & Co.KG,R - Germany
Opulus Press - Sweden
Österreichischer Agrarverlag - Austria
Oxford University Press - UK
Parey Buchverlag - Blackwell 
 Wissenschafts-Verlag und Parey Buchverlag - Germany
Paris Museum of Natural History - France
Parthenon Publishing
Plenum Publishing Corp
Portland Press - UK
Psychiatrie-Verlag - Germany
Pulsus Group Inc
PWN - Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN - Poland
Radcliffe Medical Press
Sage Science Press
Saunders Company, WB
Scandinavian University Press - Norway
Schaper GmbH & Co. KG, M&H - Germany
Schattauer Verlag GmbH, FK - Germany
Science & Technology Letters
Scientific Publishers
Slack, Inc.
Spektrum Akademischer Verlag
SPIE Publications
Springer - Germany
Springer - Vienna, Austria
Stockton Press - UK
Swets & Zeitlinger - The Netherlands
Taylor & Francis Group - UK
Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers
Thomas Telford Ltd.
University Publishing Group
Urban und Fischer
Wissenschaft und Forschung GmbH, Verlag für  - Germany
Wiley & Sons, John - UK
Wiley-VCH - Germany
Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft
World Scientific
Wuerz Publishing Ltd. - Canada




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