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Computers and Internet

Computer Programming


General Information - Links - Working with Data Files


  • Navigation is accomplished by using the main menu on the left. Just click on the red help book next to the words Computers and Internet and the topics will fold/unfold. 


Computer Programming - General Resources

A Guide to Creating Web Sites with HTML, CGI, Java, JavaScript, Graphics  by Alan Richard
Ada 95 Reference Manual - ADA Programming Language
Advanced Web Programming
 Internet Privacy/Programming/Diagnostics/More
An Introduction to Motif Application Development
 DevCentral Learning Center
Articles - Over 100 Links - The Programming Sharehouse
ASCII Chart & Tutorial
Assembly - Tips -
Assembly Language FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
Assembly Language Programming
 Version 3.1 - Free Online Study Guide
Assembly Links - 102 Links - The Programming Sharehouse
Assembly Resources - FAQs/Tutorials/Miscellaneous
Big Page of Links - 2400+ Links - The Programming Sharehouse
Browser-Safe Color Palette
 A color palette optimized for cross-platform use
CareerLink Zone - Technology Related Jobs - DevX
COM/DCOM/ActiveX - Resources - FAQ
 Downloads/Links/Utilities/More -AWESOME Resource
Compression FAQ
Computer Programming Languages
Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms -
CPM FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
Databases - Articles/Tutorials
Easter Egg Archive - It's Not What You Think
FAQs Links - 30 Links - The Programming Sharehouse
File Extension Search - i.e.: .doc.vxd, etc.
File Extension Bulletin Board 
File Formats - The Whole Listing
File Mine
FlashKit - A Flash Developer Resource
FOLDOC - Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing
Form Fill Out Support
Forms Tutorial, Carlos'
Fortran FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
Fortran Library
Free Code - Free Programming Source Code
General Links - 165 Links - The Programming Sharehouse
Introduction to Databases for Web Developers
Introduction to Web Application Development Environment
Linear Programming FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
Literate Programming FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
MCP MCSE Chat and Study - A Resource for Those Studying 
 for the MCP and MCSE Microsoft Certifications
Natural Lang Processing FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
OpenFAQ Source Code
O'Reilly Open Source Center
 Books/News Archive/Sample Chapters/Other
OpenGL Links - 35 Links - The Programming Sharehouse
PaletteMan - Color Palette
Pascal - Newsgroup FAQ
Pascal Links - 87 Links - The Programming Sharehouse
 Programmers Portal - Code/Forums/Resources/Tools
Programming - Tips -
Programming Components - Tips -
Programmers File Format Collection
Programming Functions - Tips -
Programming Oriented Webrings - 24 Links - 
 The Programming Sharehouse
Programming Q&A Databases only
Programming Q&A Every language you can think of!
Programming Source Code - Tips -
Programming & Scripting - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
Programs - Over 500 Links - The Programming Sharehouse - Lotus Domino Specific Search Engine by 
 Tech Target - News/Information/More
Source Code - 200+ Links - The Programming Sharehouse
Standards and Protocol - Resources -
Table Sampler
Tools - Links
Understanding PostScript Programming
 DevCentral Learning Center
Visual FoxPro Links -  43 Links - The Programming Sharehouse
Visual Lang - Newsgroup FAQ
Visual Languages
WebResources - Free Tutorials/More - 
 CSS/DHTML/Primer/Java Script/Web Mastering
WhatsItsFormat - Programmers File Format Collection 
Wrox - Programming Resources
WWW Fill Out Forms
W3C Technical Reports and Publications






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