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US Civil War

POW and Prison Camps


General Resources - Confederate POW Camps - Union POW Camps


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General Resources

A Yankee Prisoner in Texas - William Ryan, 
 160th New York Volunteers. Prisoner in Camp Ford
Arkansas Confederates who died at Rock Island
Brother's Bound - Source Page for Information 
 on the Civil War Era Prisoner of War Experience
Civil War Prison Camps
Civil War Prison Camps - Information Related to Family History
Civil War Prisons and Prisoner Links
Civil War Records and How to Locate your Civil War Ancestors
Confederate Dead at Rock Island, IL
Confederate Mound, Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL
Information on Military Prisons and Civil War Camps
Kansas Prisoners of War at Camp Ford, Texas 1863-1865
Milton Asbury Ryan, POW - Camp Douglas and Camp Chase
Ohio Prisoner of War Camp Sources
Rock Island National Cemetery
The Immortal 600 - 600 Confederate Prisoners of War 
 Imprisoned  at Ft. Delaware, Ft. Pulaski, Hilton Head 
 and other places
Vicki Betts' Compiled List of Kansas Civil War POW's at Camp Ford, Texas 
War Between the State Museum
Wars and Military Mailing Lists
 Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Xerxes Knox, Private, Co. G, 3rd Iowa Cavalry in the Civil War
 Prisoner at Camp Ford in Tyler, Texas



Confederate POW Camps for Union Soldiers

Andersonville Civil War Prison
Andersonville National Historic Site - National Park Service
Andersonville National Historic Site - History and Archaeology
Blackshear Civil War Prison - Pierce County, GA
Cahaba Federal Prison, CSA - Selma, Alabama
Camp Ford - A Visit to Camp Ford
Camp Ford - Handbook of Texas Online 
Camp Ford - Smith County Historical Society
Camp Ford - Texas History
Camp Ford, Kansas POW's at - Tyler, Texas
Camp Ford, Texas - Camp Ford Organization
Camp Ford, Texas - Site Photos
Camp Ford, Texas: Life in a Texas Prison Pen
 - The 48th Ohio at Camp Ford
Camp Ford Prison -
Camp Ford Project
Castle Morgan
Castle Sorghum
Charleston Race Course Prison Dead, SC - Union POWs 
 originally buried at the Charleston Race Course Cemetery 
 and later reinterred at the Beaufort National Cemetery
Columbia Military Prison
Florence National Cemetery
Florence Stockade History
Florence Stockade, Friends of the - Florence, South Carolina
Fort Pulaski - Savannah, Georgia - NPS
Gratiot Street Prison - St Louis, MO
Libby Prison Camp - Richmond, Virginia
Rules and Regulations of the CS Military Camps
Salisbury Prison - Salibury, North Carolina
Salisbury NC ConfederateCivil War Prison 



Union POW Camps for Confederate Soldiers

Alton in the Civil War - Alton Prison - Illinois
Baltimore Bastille - see also Ft. McHenry
Camp Butler - Springfield, Illinois
Camp Chase, Ohio
Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery
Camp Chase Fife and Drums
Camp Chemung, New York
Camp Curtain
 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Images of the Monument
Camp Douglas, Illinois - Prison and Training Camp
Elmira Prison Camp - History
Elmira Prison Camp Online Library
Ft. McHenry - NPS  - Baltimore, Maryland
Ft. McHenry NM & HS Site Bulletins
Ft. Warren - Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
Johnson's Island Civil War Military Prison
 Lake Erie, Sandusky, Ohio
Pea Patch Island, Delaware 
Point Lookout, Maryland, Union Civil War Prison at
Point Lookout, Md., Prison Camp - Prison Camp 
 for Confederate Prisoners of War at Point Lookout, MD
Point Lookout POW Descendants Organization 
 Prison Camp for Confederates in  Maryland -  1863 to 1865
Rock Island Prison - Rock Island, Illinois
Rock Island Prison Camp
Rock Island Prison Barracks - Rock Island is in the 
 Mississippi River between Davenport, Iowa and Moline, Illinois




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