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Computers and Internet

Computer Networking


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Computer Networking Resources

Abocom Systems - NetSurfer Network Cards 
An Educator's Guide to School Networks
Ethernet Numbers
Articles and Tutorials on WAN and LAN
 Compiled by RAD University
Automachron 4.008 - Freeware SNTP client - 
 Simple Network Time Protocol - For Synchronizing 
 Your Computer's Time with an NTP Server
Certification Resources - GREAT Resource
Charle's Spurgeons Ethernet Website - GREAT Resource
Connecting 2 computers - Tutorial - Tech Advice
D-Link Tech Support
Dan Kegel's Fast Ethernet page
Network Magazine
Data Communications Cabling FAQ 
Dave Hawley's isoEthernet Page 
Dev Central
Ethernet Auto Negotiation
Ethernet Codes Master Page - IEEE 802.3 and Ethernet
Ethernet FAQs
Ethernet Standard Documents
Gigabit and 100Mbps Ethernet Technology 
Gigabyte Ethernet
Home Network Security - DIY Home Networking Guides and Tutorials
HomePCNetwork - Site Information on Home PC Networks
IEEE Standards Association Home Page - GREAT Resource
Introduction to Auto-Negotiation
i386 - Windows NT, 2000, XP
J.Helmig's World of Windows Networking - GREAT Resource
Jacknife - Adviseand Guidance for 
 Configuring a Small Network in Your Home
LAN Times Online Buying Guide
LANs - Newsgroup FAQ
MCSE Resources - Dave's MSCE Page
Migration to Switched Ethernet - IBM - Newtorking White Papers
Netware - Newsgroup FAQ
Netwerk - Belgium
Network Magazine Online
Network & Telecom - Belgium
Network Computers - Newsgroup FAQ
Network Computing -
Network Design Manual - Great Reference Material
Network Magazine Online
Network Magazine Online Buying Guide
Network Security Library
Networks for Beginners
 Ethernet LAN, Gateway, Hubs, IP, Routers, More
Network Boot Disks 
Networking - Hardware Guide -
Networking - HardwareCentral - 
 Discussions, Bulletin Board, Information, Q&A, Help
Networking - Tips -
Networking Information
Networking Information - Advanced
Networking Information - Bob Cerelli's Windows Page
Networking Information and Help
Networking Products - ZDNet Reviews
Networking Q&A
Networking Resource Center - TechUpdate
Networks for Beginners
 Ethernet, LAN, Gateway, Hubs, IP, Routers, More
Network Fusion - News and Features
O'Reilly Networkingr -
 Books, News Archive, Sample Chapters, Other
100Mbps Fast Ethernet
PC<->Mac Networking 
Practically Networked - News and Resources
Proxim Support - Dial-Up Networking Troubleshooting Reference
Referrence Site for Wiring Small Networks - John's Closet 
SANS - System Administration, Networking, and Security
Serial Networking
Setting Up and Troubleshooting a Network
Setting up Wingate to Allow 2 Computers to Connect Through One Modem - Tutorial - Tech Advice
Setting up ICQ to use Wingate to Operate over a Network
 Tutorial - Tech Advice
Small Office and Home Office Networking with ISDN
TechFest Ethernet Technical Summary
 The Heavy Stuff and a lot of it
10GB Ethernet
10Mbps Ethernet
The Home PC Network Site 
UNH IOL Fast Ethernet Consortium
Upgrading Internet Connection from ISDN to T1- A Case Study -
Windows on the World - Adding Internet Access to PC's
Windows NT/2000 FAQ
Windows 95 Peer to Peer Network Instructions
Zoom Telephonics Tech Support






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