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Andy Warhol Museum
Art Deco - Erte - Museum of Fashion and Theatre Designs
Bayel en Champagne Cite Du Cristal
 French Museum - Page in 4 Languages
Bellingham Radio Museum
Bennington Museum - Pressed Glass Gallery 
and Bennington Pottery - Bennington, Vermont
Blenko Glass Wholesale Outlet and Museum
 Milton, West Virginia
Chevron Museum - Chevron Aviation and Service Station Histories
Chrysler Museum of Art - Glass Collection - Norfolk, Virgina
Collectics - Virtual Museum for Art Deco and Art Nouveau Antiques
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum - Smithsonian
Corkscrew Museum, Virtual
Corning Glass Museum
Diner Museum, American
Duncan Glass Museum, National - Washington, Pennsylvania
Eye-Glass Museum - Italy
Fan Collectors Museum, American
Fenton Museum - Pictures
Fundacion Centro Nacional Del Vidrio - Has a Glass Collection
Glass, Vitro's Museum of
Glass at the Kelsey Museum, Ancient
Glass Museum, Denmark
Glass Museum Bookshelf - Books on Glassware
Glass Museum Foundation, Historical
Glass Museum On-line
Glass Museums - A Listing
Gonder Museum Link Page
Greentown Glass Museum - Greentown, Indiana
Heisey Glass Museum, National - Newark, Ohio
Heisey Glass Museum, National
Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
Historical Glass Museum Foundation - Redlands, California
Houston Museum of Decorative Arts, Antique Glass and Ceramics - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Kelsy Museum of Archeaology - University of Michigan
Museum of American Glass, West Virginia's
 Weston, West Virginia
Museum of American Glass, Wheaton Village
Museum of Beverages, Containers and Advertising
Museums at Oglebay Institute
 Boasts the Worlds Largest Collection of Wheeling Glass
Needle Book Museum, Rosie's
Pasabahce Glass Museum
Portland Museum of Art
 Portland Maine - Glass Collection Has Over 2000 Pieces
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Rockwell Museum - Frederick Carder Steuben Glass Collection
Stained Glass Museum, Ely
State Hermitage Museum
 St. Petersburg, Russia - Beautiful Site and Holdings
The PEZ Museum
Toaster Museum Foundation
Victoria and Albert Museum in London
 19th Century British and Chinese Ceramic Images
WebMuseum - Web Museum Network
Winart Info Page - Winart Pottery - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Wondrous Glass
 Ancient Rome - 50 BC - 650 AD - Kelsey Museum
Zsolnay Tile Museum - Pecs, Hungary






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