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US Civil War

Michigan in the American Civil War


General Resources - Units and Regiments


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General Resources

Ann Arbor Civil War Roundtable - Michigan
Civil War Rosters - Michigan
Corporal Andrew J. Demarest - 9th Michigan Infantry
Grand Army of the Republic In Michigan
Michigan - James River Publications
Michigan Civil War Artillery Flags
Michigan Civil War Cavalry Flags
Michigan Civil War Infantry Flags - 1st - 7th Regiments
Michigan Civil War Infantry Flags - 8th - 18th Regiments
Michigan Civil War Infantry Flags 
 20th - 1st Michigan Colored Regiment
Michigan Historical Museum "Rally 'Round the Flags"
 exhibit of Michigan Battle Flags
Michigan in the Civil War
Michigan Infantry Regiments of the Civil War
Michigan Regimental Rosters
Private Charles H. Demarest, 19th Michigan Infantry
Private George W. Demarest, 9th Michigan Infantry
Private John N. Demarest, 19th Michigan Infantry
Sharpshooters, Engineers and Mechanics, and Designating Flags 
 - Michigan
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War -
 Governor Henry H. Crapo Camp No. 145 - Michigan
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Department of Michigan
Union Regimental Index






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