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Computers and Internet

Programming Mark-up Languages


Miscellaneous Resources - VRML - XML - XSL


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RDF - MathML - P3P - SGML - SMIL - UML - XTML 

A Little Bit of SGML - An Introduction to SGML Syntax
JustSMIL - Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language -
Markup Languages
 XSL/RDF/MathML/P3P/SMIL - Articles/Tutorials
SGML Resources
SGML Resources, An Overview of
Streaming Media World -
UML Zone - DevX
XHTML 1.0 -  Extensible HyperText Markup Language




The VRML Repository
 Everything you Could Possibly Want to Know About VRML
VRML - Resources - Builder.com
VRML Moving Worlds Tutorial and Test Page
VRML Tutorial
VRML97 Specification - The VRML Consortium Incorporated - 
 Information Technology - Computer Graphics and Image 
Web3D Consortium - The Website - vrml.org




An Introduction to XML 
BizTalk.org - An XML Community 
Extensible Markup Language - XML - W3C
Free XML Tools and Software 
HTML, CSS and XML - User Group - SiteExperts
Introduction to XML
The XML Cover Pages - by Robin Cover
What is XML? by LC Rees
XML - eXtensible Markup Language - Articles/Tutorials
XML - eXtensible Markup Language - FAQ
XML - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
XML - Resources - Builder.com
XML - XML.com - Articles/Features/Guides/News/More
XML Cover Pages, The 
XML Developer Center - MSDN Online
XML Faq, The
XML Info - Organised Information and Resources
XML Resources
XML Resources - more
XML Software
XML Tutorial - IDM
XML Zone - DevX




Extensible Stylesheet Language - XSL - W3C
Introduction to XSL by Henry S. Thompson
Web Style Sheets Resource Page - W3C
XSL and CSS Stylesheet Resources - finetuning.com
XSL Tutorial - Basic XSL Style Sheets




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