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Computers and Internet

Linux - Operating Systems


General Information - Links


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ARM Linux Project, The - UK
Armed Linux - Linux OS that Installs Under Windows 95/98
Caldera - Help Guide - ZDNet
Caldera - OpenLinux - eServer - eDesktop - eBuilder 
Conectiva Linux - Brazil - Linux Latino 
Corel Linus Community 
Debian, GNU - Help Guide - ZDNet
Debian GNU/Linux - Kernel Independent Free Linux OS
Gentus Linux - A Full Featured and Full Powered Linux OS
GNOME Project - GNU Network Object Model Environment 
GNU Emacs - Articles/Tutorials
GNU Emacs - Resources
GNU Emacs FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
Gnus FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
GNUs Not Unix! - The GNU Project - Complete Unix-like 
 Operating System which is Free Software and uses the 
 Kernel Linux
Halloween Linux Homepage - Germany
HelixCode - Open Source Software 
 Company Devoted to Improving  the GNOME Desktop
K Desktop Environment, The
 Graphical Desktop Environment for Unix Workstations
Linux for S/930 - IBM Hardware Platform 
Linux From Finland 
Linux Mandrake - Help Guide - ZDNet
Linux-Mandrake Homepage - Linux OS
Linux/m68k for Macintosh Project 
Linux PPC - Linux for PowerPC - FTP Site
LinuxPPC Inc - Linux for PowerPC Systems
LinuxPro - Resources for Those Using LinuxPro - 
 You Must Have the Software to use the Resources
LoopLinux Home Page - Small Distribution of the Linux OS That
 can be Installed on and Run from a DOS System  - MSDOS, etc.
 -  Also Windows 95/98 in DOS Mode
MkLinux - Linux for PowerPC - FTP Site
Peanut Linux -   Peanut Linux is a 
 Premium Linux OS that uses ICE and the KDE GUI
PhatLinux - Simple, Easy to use Linux OS 
 that runs on a Windows 95/98 Partition
RedHat - Help Guide - ZDNet
Redhat Homepage
 Developer Network/Downloads/Information/News/Support/More
Slackware Linux Project
 Download/General Information/FAQs/More
Stampede - Help Guide - ZDNet
Stampede GNU/Linux - PGCC-Glibc Distribution
SuSe. - Help Guide - ZDNet
SuSe Linux Homepage - Linux OS with 1500 Applications
The Linux Kernel Archives 
The Linux/m68k Home Pages - Linux/m68k is the Port of the Linux
 OS to run on Systems Using Motorola's 68020, 68030, 68040 and
 68060 Microprocessors
TurboLinux - Turbo Cluster Server
VMware - Software -
 Provides Multiple Virtual Computers on a Single PC 
WholeLinux Automatic Installer
 Super AUS - WebScript Server Setup
WinLinux 2000 - Linux OS That Installs as Easily as any Windows
 Application Automatically Detecting and Configuring Most of your
 Hardware Devices.
XFree86 Project, Inc, The 
YellowDog Linux
 for the Apple Macintosh PowerPC, G3, G4 and IBM Rs/6000




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