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A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation 
 US Congressional Documents and Debates 1774-1873
Abridged History of the United States
 A Legal History by William Brinton
Accountants World: Accounting questions, tax issues, where to 
 find an accountant. Comprehensive site has all the answers
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research - HSS - Reports
All About Bankruptcy
All Law - Legal and Law Directory with Search Engine
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
American Bar Association
American Civil Liberties Union - ACLU
American Law Sources On Line
American Bar Association 
American Legal Ethics Library
 Legal Information Institute - Cornell University
Anatomy of a Murder: A Trip Through Our Nation's Legal Justice System
Appellate Counselor Home Page
Ashcraft & Gerel - Personal Injury Litigation,  Medical Malpractice
Ask TaxMama
Association for Retarded Citizens Access to Justice Project
Asylum Law
Attorney Finder - Legal Directory
Bankruptcy Lawfinder, The
 Bankruptcy Law Resources on the Internet
Basic Legal Citations - by Peter W. Martin - Cornell Law School
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Being Sued
Better Business Bureau
BigEar - Current Legal Resources on 
 the Net - Legal Information Institute - Cornell 
Bitlaw - Resource on Technology Law 
Bonfire of Liberties - Humanities-Interactive Project
Books on Law
Bouviers Law Dictionary - 1856 Edition
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Offenders Statistics
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Business & The Law - Article Archive
Cal - California Law
CataLaw - Meta-index of Law and Government
Center for Information Law and Policy 
Center for Law and Social Policy - CLASP
Class Action Litigation Information - 4375 Links
Class Action Lawsuits
 Legal Facts, Basic Structure, Current Actions
Class Action Lawsuits - Yahoo
Clean Air Act Database - EPA
Code of Federal Regulations
Code of Federal Regulations - NARA
Code of Federal Regulations Databases on the Internet - Legal History and Philosophy
Company Credit Information - Dun & Bradstreet
Computer Law Internet Resources - Chicago-Kent College of Law
Constitution of the United States
 Legal Information Institute - Cornell University
Constitutional Law: An Overview
 Legal Information Institute - Cornell University
Consumerama - People with a BEEF and a Website!
COPNET - Links to State, Local and Federal Police Departments
Copyright Clearance Center
Cornell Law Review
Court TV Online
Court TV's Trials, Cases, and Decisions
Courts and Court Records - Resources - Webgator - National Court Directory - by State
Crash Course in Copyright 
Crash Course in Wills & Trusts
Criminal Histories State Resources - WebGator
Criminal Justice Net
 Comprehensive Site for Practitioners and Researchers
Criminal Law Links
 Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy - Great Resource
Criminal Justice Sites
Cyber Law Centre - Intellectual Property Resources on the Web
Delphi Forums
Department of Crime, Law, and Justice
 Pennsylvania State University
Department of Criminal Justice - Northern Arizona University
DIANA - International Human Rights Database
Directory of Bankruptcy Clerks
Divorce Online - Articles and Information
Divorce Support Page, The
Duhaime's Law Dictionary - Worldwide
Earth Justice Legal Defense Fund
Electronic Frontier Foundation, The
Protecting Rights and Promoting Freedom
Emory Law Library - US Federal Court Finder
Employment, Labor, and Pension Law
Employment Discrimination: An Overview
 Legal Information Institute - Cornell 
Environmental Law Internet Resources
 Chicago-Kent College of Law
Environmental Law Resources Worldwide 
Establishing a Trust Fund
Family Law in the Fifty States - American Bar Association
Famous American Trials - UMKC School of Law
Famous Trials of the World 
Federal Aviation Administration Files, Descriptions of 1200
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Communications Law Journal
Federal Computer Products Center
 Hundreds of US Government Computer Products
Federal Register - 1994-Present - NARA
Federal Rules of Evidence
 Legal Information Institute - Cornell University
Federal Tax Code, Browse the
FedLaw - Online Federal Legal Research Aids - Great Resource
FindForms - Free Legal Forms and Documents
FindLaw - Online Legal Resource
Findlaw for Legal Professionals
FindLaw for the Public
 Law and Legal Resources - Greta Resource
First Amendment Cyber-Tribune
 FACT - Online Newspaper - Great Resource
FLITE - Federal Legal Information Through Electronics - 
 Supreme Court Decisions 1937-1975
Free Speech Internet Television - Law Site for Consumers - Great Resource
Freedom Forum Online - Politics + Law = Free! - Dot Com Deadpool
Fugitive Watch Website - Public Safety Information - Legal information for Internet Professionals, High-tech Entrepreneurs and Lawyers
Global Legal Studies Journal
 Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington
Gordon & Glickson
 Discussion, Headlines, Legal and Law Information
Government Locator Service Databases
Guide to European Legal Databases
Guide to Law Online - Library of Congress
Guns, Guns and Crime  - Gun Control
Health Law Internet Resources - Chicago-Kent College of Law
Hieros Gamos - A Comprehensive Law 
 and Government Portal  - Great Resource 
Historical Documents - The Avalon Project at Yale Law School
How to Dispute Credit Report Errors
How to Find Anything on the Net - Employment Law Resource  
Immigration Law on the Web - by Beth Smith
Indiana University School of Law
Injury Resources - Atlanta Injury Lawyer
Institute for First Amendment Studies
Intellectual Property Internet Resources
 Chicago-Kent College of Law
Intellectual Property Network, Delphion - Search and Research
International Law & Government - By Country -
Internet - Portal
Internet Law Library
 Annotated Legal Research Links - Great Resource
Internet Law Library -
Internet Law Library - Pritchard Law Webs
Internet Lawyer, The 
Internet Legal Research Compass - State and Federal
Internet Legal Resource Guide
Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions 
Internet Tools for Lawyers 
Ipso Facto - Legal History, Law and Government
IRS Tax Forms, Descriptions of
iSafe America - Internet Safety Training for Kids and Teens
Jurist: The Legal Education Network  - The Largest Online 
 Database of Trial Court Materials in the World
Justice on Campus Project - MIT
Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties
 3 Volumes - by Charles J. Kappler
Katsuey's Legal Gateway - Legal Research and Law Resources
Law - WWW Virtual Library
Law About Topics - Categorized - Legal Information Institute
Law and Criminal Justice Links
Law and Cyberspace
Law & Politics Internet Guide
Law Engine, The - Law and Legal Research and Searches
Law Firm Marketing Portal 
Law Fun - Jocularity
Law Guru - Legal Q&A, Research, Resources
Law In Popular Culture Collection - Tarlton Law Library
Law Library Resource Xchange - LLRX - Web Law and News
Law Museum Hall of Fame - WWLIA
Law Newsgroups - Listing from the Legal Domain Network 
Law Office - West Legal Directory - Law Knowledge, Pathfinder
Law-Oriented Meta-Indexes on the Web 
Law Resources - Digital Librarian
Law Schools and Law Libraries
Law Street - Law and Legal Guide 
Lawful Arrest/Search/Seizure FAQ - Attorney's, Lawyers, Forms, Advice
LawLinks - Legal Resource Center for Attorney's and Legal Industry - Extensive Resources
LawRights - UK
LawRunner - A Legal Research Tool - A Compendium of Law Resources 
Laws of All Jurisdictions - by Subject
Laws of Other Nations
Lawstuff - Australia
LawTalk - Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington 
LawWorld - Resources 
'Lectric Law Library Reference Room - Legal Resources - Legal Resource
Legal Engine Search Index - Legal Research
Legal Information Institute - Cornell Law School
Legal Intranets, Extranets, Web Sites, and Practice Systems
 Articles by John Hokkanen, Esq.
Legal Journals, Newsletters and Periodicals on the Web
 USC Law School
Legal Lexicon - 'Lectric Law Library
Legal Research Page - Legal Resources - Rominger Legal
Legal Studies Program - Legal Information 
 and Resources for Canadians - Univ. of Alberta 
Legal Theory Links Library - UK
LegalDocs - Legal Documents Online - Ethics and the Law
LegalMinds Community - Resources - FindLaw
Legislation and Related Documents 
Lex Mercatoria - Transnational  Commercial 
 Law & e-Commerce Infrastructure Monitor
Lexis-Nexis Communication Center 
LexisONE - Resources for Small Law Firms
Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Internet Resources
 Chicago-Kent College of Law
LLRX Buzz - - The Latest on Legal Research 
Lockerbie Trial Briefing Site
LSAT Website - Law School Admissions Council
Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator
Meta-Index for Legal Research - GSU College of Law - Law You Can Use
National Audiovisual Center Collection
 1,600 Product Descriptions 
National Center on Institutions and Alternatives
National Consumer Law Center
National Criminal Justice Association
National Federation of Paralegal Associations
National Law Journal, The
National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys
National Partnership for Reinventing Government
 Hammer Award Database
National Partnership for Reinventing Government
 Recommendations Database
Native American Legal Resources
University of Oklahoma College of Law
Net Law News
Nolo Self-Help Law Center
North America Free Trade Agreement
NTIS Trade Center - 17,000 Trade Related Documents
NTIS Technical Reports Database -  
 370,000 U.S. Government Reports - Law Enforcement Resource Site
One-L FAQ, Incoming
Oran's Dictionary of the Law
Oyez Project, The - US Supreme Court 
 Multimedia Database - Northwestern University
Peter Towsend - Laywer and Business Advisor - Australia  
Population Law, Annual Review of - Harvard Law School
Prison Activist Resource Center
Prison Law Page
Public International Law - by  Associate Professor Francis Auburn
Public Utility Home Page
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
Robert's Rules of Order - Official Website
RoseNet - Law and Abused Immigrant Women
School of Criminal Justice - Michigan State University
School of Criminal Justice - University of Albany
Search of GovBot Database - US Business Advisor 
Securities Law Home Page
Self Help Law Center - Legal Forms and Information
Senior Law Homepage
Shark Talk Dictionary - Everybody's Legal Dictionary
Small Business Advice - - Divorce Learning Center
Southern Poverty Law Center 
Stanford Journal of International Law
Stanford Securities Class Action Clearinghouse
 Federal class action securities fraud litigation
Statutes and Legislation on the Internet, Full Text
Tarlton Law Library - Jarnail Center for Legal Research
Tax Advantage Web
Tax Issues Internet Resources - Chicago-Kent College of Law
Teen Court TV
Texas Legal Research Index
The Center for Law and Computers - Chicago-Kent College of Law
The Chicago-Kent Law Review
The National Library for the Environment
Trademark and Copyright Resources
Trademark Law: An Overview - Legal Information Institute
Treaties and International Law
Trusts and Estates 
United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network - UNCJIN
United States Sentencing Commission - USSC
US Army Publications -  about 5,500  available from NTIS
US Code - Legal Information Institute
US Code, Tutorial for Searching the
US Code Search Page
US Code Citation Search Page
US Code Classification Tables
US Code Download Page
US Court of Appeals 1st Circuit -
 Court of Appeals Decisions - November 1995 to Present
US Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - January 1995 to Present
US Court of Appeals 3rd Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - May 1994 to Present
US Court of Appeals 4th Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - January 1995 to Present
US Court of Appeals 5th Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - March 1993 to Present
US Court of Appeals 6th Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - January 1995 to Present
US Court of Appeals 7th Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - August 1995 to Present
US Court of Appeals 8th Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - October 30, 1995 to Present
US Court of Appeals 9th Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - 1990 to Present
US Court of Appeals 10th Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - August 1995 to Present
US Court of Appeals 11th Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - November 1994 to Present
US Court of Appeals DC Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - August 1995 to Present
US Court of Appeals Federal Circuit
 Court of Appeals Decisions - August 1995 to Present
US Courts By State
US Customs - New York Rulings
US Customs - Headquarters Rulings
US Customs - Title 19 of the United States Code
US Customs - Title 19 of the Code of Federal Regulations
US Customs - Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States
US Customs - Legal Precedent Retrieval System
US Federal Courts Finder
US Federal Government Job Announcements
US Federal Law - by Agency
US Federal Law - by Source
US Founding Documents - US Constitution, 
 Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers
US Government Files, Descriptions of 10,000
US Law & Government - By Federal Branch -
US Law & Government - By State -
US Legal Forms - All States and Federal  
US Party/Case Index - PACER Service Center
US Regulatory Law Directory -
US State and Territorial Laws
US Statutory Law Directory -
US Substantive Case Law Directory -
US Supreme Court - Homepage
US Supreme Court Collection - Legal Information Institute
US Supreme Court Decisions 1937-1975 - FLITE
US Supreme Court Guide - New York Times
US Supreme Court Opinions - Cases and Codes -
US Supreme Court WWW Resource
USC Law School and Law Library - Law, Lawyers, Legal Information
USALaw - Legal Information and Resources 
 for Attorneys and the General Public
Virtual Chase, The  - Legal Research on the Internet
Virtual Gumshoe - Investigative Resources on the Web
Virtual Reference Desk - Ask the Experts - Subject Index
Wage Determination Act Database - Davis Bacon 
Wage Determination Act Database - Service Contract
WashLaw Web - Washburn University School of Law - 
 Thousands of Resources - Great Site
Westminster Law Library - University of Denver
Why Have a Will? - By Daniel B. Evans
World Legal History Timetable - WWLIA
World Wide Legal Information Association
 by Country - Legal Resources
Your Rights in Cyberspace - ICLU






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