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Computers and Internet



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 General Information

A Beginner's Guide to Java Programming - Java Coffee Break
AlphaBeans - Java Beans from IBM
Anfy Team Homepage - Free Java Applets  - 
 3D Rendering Program - 31 Languages
Anibal's Essential Applets - Applet Package
Baklava 1.01 - A Sprite Toolkit for Java Applets - Freeware
Borland Community Home Page 
Caffeine Connection - List of Java Applets, Sites and Documents
CNET JavaCenter
CoffeeCup Software - Java Applets/ Beans 
DevEdge Online - DevEdge Homepage - 
 Resource for Building Web Applications
DeveloperWorks - Java Technology Zone - IBM
ET Applet Collection - Good Quality Applets for Your Website - Tutorials Search Engine
 Java Applets, Forums, References, Tutorials, More
Franck Allimant Homepage - Java Documentation for WinHelp
Gamelan - Java Programming Source Code 
 and Tutorial Resource, Jobs, News, More
IBM Java Classroom - Tutorials - Java Solutions for Website Navigation
IRT - Internet Related Technologies - Articles, FAQs, eCommerce,
 BBS, GNU Emacs, HTML, Java, Linux, VBScript, XML, More
Jars - Java Review Service - 
 Business, Multimedia, Resources, Utilitites, Websites, More
Jars.Developer - Java Review Site
Java - Articles, Tutorials
Java - Web Developer Resources, Source Code, Tutorial, Guide 
Java and J2EE - General Information
Java Beans - An Introduction
Java Boutique
 Free Java Applets, Downloads, Games, Programs, Tutorials, More
Java Class Heirarchy - A-Z Index
Java Coffee Break
 Articles, Book Reviews, Lessons, Tutorials, More 
Java Developers Journal 
Java Developers Kit 1.0.2 - Sun
Java Documentations in WinHelp Format by Franck Allimant
Java FAQ Archives - TeamJava - About 20 of them
Java FAQ Knowledge Base 
Java Hub
Java Powered - Free Java Applets
Java Programmers FAQ by Peter van der Linden
Java Programming Source Code and Tutorial
Java Resource Center - ZDnet
Java Resources -
Java 3D Community Site, The
Java 3D API Home - Sun Java
Java Tips - 
Java Toys - Java Tutorials, Reference Materials, News, 
 White Papers, Developing  Tools, FAQs, More 
Java Tutorial
 A Practical Guide for Programmers - Sun Microsystems
Java Tutorial - Sun
Java Tutorials - DevCentral
Java World - Articles, News, Reviews
Java Zone
JavaCentre - UK - Java Files/Events/Information
JavaCity 2000
 Free JavaScripts/Java Applets/HTML/Midi's/Tutorials
JavaFile - Free JavaScripts and Java Applets with Java Help
Jayde - Hundred of Java Links
JBuilder - Tips -
JBuilder 1 - Tips -
JDK 1.0.2 Quick Reference - A-Z Index Form 
Just Java - Books, FAQs, Software
Kneedeep in Java - Advanced Tutorial in Java Programming - Technical Computing Portal for all Scientific and
 Engineering Needs. Over 20,000 useful links to Technical
 Computing Programmers covering Java, Excel, MATLAB, Fortran
 and others.
New to Java Programming Center
O'Reilly Java Center - Books/News Archive/Sample Chapters/Other
Quick Banner -
 Extremely Small  File Size Animation Banner Creation Tool
Steal this JDK 1.0.2 Quick Reference!
 An Alphabetically-sorted Quick Reference 
SunJava - The Source for Java Technology
Sun Java - Free Applets, Applet Archive, Applet Resources, More
Sun Java Archives
Sun's Java Tutorial
Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days - Index
TeamJava - to Promote and Advance Java and Assist Java 
 Consultants the World Over in Locating and Completing Contract
The Problems with JSP (JavaServer Pages) - IDM
The WDVL - Java Directory - Index of All Java Related Pages - 
Authoring with HTML - CGI - Java - JavaScript - Graphics - Web Programming Resource - Free Scripts and
- ASP, Cold Fusion, C++, CSS, Java, JavaScript,
 Perl, PHP, SQL, SSI, XSSI, More
Visual J++ - Reference - Microsoft
Web Workers Tool Box
 Cascading Style Sheets/Java Script/HTML
WebMasters Guide to Java Technologies
 Netscape DevEdge Online



 Java Applets

Anfy Java Applets
Anfy and Anfy 3D Download -  FREE Software one with 41 Java
 Applets for Special Effects and the other for Creating 3D Worlds
 and Objects
Anibal's Essential Applets
 Inexpensive Applet Package - 13 for $29
BML - IBM's Bean Markup Language 
Building Java Applets Tutorial 
Caffeine Connection - Java Applets, Information and Opportunities
Captain Java - Free Java Applets and Web Tools
Intel Web Applets
Intel Web Applets -
Intro to Applets - WebReview
Java Applet Tutorial - HTMLGoodies 
Java Boutique Applet Repository
Java Powered
Java Review Center- 
JunkMachine - Applet - 
 FreeOnline (or Download) Graphic Banner Image Generator
The Java Repository






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More Newsgroups





Cold Fusion Developer's Journal  -
 Articles, Editorials, Jobs, News, More
DevEdge Online - DevEdge Homepage - 
 Resource for Building Web Applications
Java Developers Journal
JBuilder Developer's Journal - Articles, Editorials, Jobs, News, More
Power Builder's Developer's Journal
 Articles, Editorials, Jobs, News, More
Tango Developer's Journal - Articles, Editorials, Jobs, News, More
XML Journal - Articles, News, Information, Products, More




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