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Computers and Internet

IRC - Internet Relay Chat


Lists - Help and Information - Clients for Windows  - Clients for Macintosh - Major IRC Clients


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Chat Circuits List list of IRC Servers
 Saint's List - HUGE Listing With Links
IRC Channel List - From A-Z 
IRC Networks and Server Lists 
Index of Server Lists - IRC List Overview by IRCHelp
Jayr's IRC Server List
Saint's List of IRC Servers and Networks - Over 150 IRC Networks



Help and Information

Chat - Help Guide - ZDNet
ChatCircuit Webzine - Chat Resources - Good Place to Start
How to Download, Install & Setup the mIRC Chat Client
How to use IRC with AOL - NewIRCusers.com
ICQ - Help Guide - ZDNet
Introduction to IRC for People Using Windows - from mIRC
IRC - Newsgroup FAQ
IRCHelp - Internet Relay Chat -FAQ/Help/Tutorials/Information/More
IRC Scrapyard, The - Information About
mIRC Homepage - Worldwide - 
GREAT Starting Place for Newbies,  ALL the Info You Need
Richards Corner of the Web - IRC Help Page 
The alt.irc IFAQ



Clients for Windows

ICQ - Chat Software - 10 Different Languages
Kano 14 for XiRCON - IRC Client
mIRC - Shareware IRC Client for Windows
Pirch98 - Shareware Chat Client
Visual IRC - Free IRC Client
XiRCON - IRC Client For Windows 95/NT



Clients for Apple/Macintosh

AppleScript for Ircle Guide 
Ircle v 3.0 Help Index - Irlcle Reference by John Staplehurst
MacIRC - IRC Client for Macs 
NewIRCUsers - IRC, ICQ and Webpage Chat/Tools/Info/More
Official Ircle Homepage - An IRC Client for MacOS
ShadowIRC - IRC Client for Macs Based on the ShadowBot Client
Snak - IRC Client for Macs 



Major IRC Clients

AustNet Server Catalogue 
ChatNet Network Website 
Chat.to.be - Belgium
Efnet - Network Listing - Jay'rs Server List
EfNet Network Website - Eris Free Network Homepage 
Efnet Server List - from the IRC Networks and Server Lists
DALNet -Network Listing - Jay'rs Server List
DALNet Network Website  
DALNet Server List - from the IRC Networks and Server Lists
Freetown - A Chat Site 
GalaxyNet Website 
IdealNet - Network Listing - Jay'rs Server List
IRCNet - Network Listing - Jay'rs Server List
IRCNet Server List - from the IRC Networks and Server Lists
NewNet - Network Listing - Jay'rs Server List
NewNet Network Website - Server Links/More
StarLink Servers 
SuperChat - Network Listing - Jay'rs Server List
Talk City Online Communities - Non-Network IRC Server
UnderNet - Network Listing - Jay'rs Server List
UnderNet Server Website 
WebNet Website 




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