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Computers and Internet

HTML Specific Resources and Information


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HTML Editors - A Listing with Links from LookSmart
Stroud's 16bit HTML Editors - Freeware/Shareware
Stroud's 32bit HTML Editors - Freeware/Shareware
WYSIWYG HTML Editors and Other WYSIWYG Tools
 C/Net Builder - Netscape Netcenter



General Information

A Beginner's Guide to HTML - NCSA
A Dictionary of HTML META Tags
A Guide to HTML and CGI Scripts - University of Brighton UK
Advanced HTML - Tutorials from HTMLWizards
Advanced Web Topics - Virtual Domain Servers 
Arachnophilia - HTML Editor
Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
Bare Bones Guide to HTML 
Bare Bones Guide to HTML by Kevin Werbach
Basic HTML - A Beginners Guide
Basic HTML Data Types
Basic HTML Tutorial -
Browser-Safe Color Palette:
 A color palette optimized for cross-platform use
Composing Good HTML by James Tilton
Comprehensive Guide to Publishing on the Web
 Webcom Resources
Dave's HTML Resource Centre
De HTML Hoek - Netherlands
Design Resource - Webmaster Resources - HTML Tools
DHTML, HTML and CSS- An MSDN Online Web Workshop
Dictionary of HTML Meta Tags
DJ Quad's Ultimate HTML Site - Help/Information/Tips/Tricks/More
Dr. HTML - Webpage Tool
Dr. HTML - Webpage Analysis Tool - Free Single Page Analysis - Web Basics - HTML/Web Graphics
Handleiding HTML - Netherlands
How Do They Do That With HTML?  
HTML - An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners - from
HTML - Articles/Tutorials
HTML - General - Tips - 
HTML - Tips -
HTML - Einführung - German
HTML, CSS and XML - User Group - SiteExperts
HTML, Beginners Guide to
HTML, Guide to - Just Click On A Book on the Shelf
HTML, Introduction to
HTML Analysis
HTML Assistant FAQ - FTP Site
HTML Assistant Pro 2000 - Web Authoring Software
HTML Author's Guide to the Robots Exclusion Protocol
HTML Basics - Tutorials from HTMLWizards
HTML Code Tutorial
HTML Converter Tool
HTML Directory - Webmaster Resource -  
HTML for Beginners - C/NET
HTML Goodies
HTML Guides Links - Good Resource, use the HTML Links Button
HTML for the Conceptually Challenged 
HTML Forms - Big Nose Bird
HTML Frequently Asked Questions - Site Toolbox
HTML Goodies
HTML Links - 131   Links - The Programming Sharehouse
HTML Made Really Easy
HTML op het Net - Netherlands
HTML Quick Reference - University of Kansas
HTML Station
HTML Style Guide - Design Basics
HTML Style Guide and Test Suite by Urban A. LeJeune
HTML TAG Guide. Reference and Tutorial
 Reference of Currently Supported HTML Elements - FAQ/More
HTML Tips and Tricks - C/NET
HTML Tricks - Big Nose Bird
HTML User - ZDNet
HTML Validation - Bobby
HTML Validation - Free Online - Australia  
HTML With Style
HTML Writer's Guild - World's Largest International 
 Organization of Web Authors with over 110,000 
 Members in more than 150 Nations Worldwide
HTML-Kit  - Free Software - Text Editor Designed to Help HTML,
 XML and Script Authors to Edit, Format, Lookup Help, Validate,
 Preview and Publish Web Pages. 
HTML/CSS/XML - Selected Resources and Articles
HTML <IMG ...> tag ALT attributes - Using ALT Attributes Properly
 HTML and CSS Resources and Information
Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms, An Instantaneous
 University of Kansas
Introduction to HTML and URLs
Introduction to HTML
Introduction to HTML - Leicester University
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents - by Ian Graham
Introduction to HTML and URLs
Intermediate HTML
NoteTab - HTML Editor
PaletteMan - Color Palette
Practical Guide for HTML Publishing and Resources 
Professional Frames in HTML - DevCentral Tutorial
Professional Web Design and HTML Tutorials 
Scripts and HTML
Special HTML Characters
SGML Reference Information for HTML
Stack Homepage -  Help - Great Site
Style Sheets
Teaching and Publishing on the Worldwide Web by Harry Kris
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML -
 Lists Every Official HTML Tag - 21 Languages
The HTML Bad-Style Collection
 A collection of Don'ts for HTML by Tony Sanders
The HTML Writers Guild - A Load of Resources
The Other HTML FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
The Web Designer - HTML Help - CanLink Help Desk
XHTML 1.0 -  Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
Use of ALT texts in IMGs - Proper Use of ALT Attributes
Wafelke's HTML Help - Belgian
WDG HTML Validator  - Free Online Website URL Validation
WDG HTML Validator - FREE HTML Syntax Checker
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - Guidelines for 
 Making Web Content Available for People With Disabilities
Web Resources for Web Publishing - HTML Resources
WebAlley - Web Publishing for Beginners - Computer/Internet/Technology 
World Wide Web Consortium
Writing HTML - A Tutorial for Creating Webpages by Alan Levine
WWW and HTML Tools
W3C HTML Validation Service



HTML 2.x

Content Models in the HTML 2.0, HTML 3.0, and HTML 3.2, and Cougar DTDs - Uses DTDs to show where HTML elements are
 legal in a document
HTML 2.0 Forms and Obscurities
HTML 2.0 Materials -



HTML 3.x

Content Models in the HTML 2.0, HTML 3.0, and HTML 3.2, and Cougar DTDs - Uses DTDs to show where 
  HTML elements are legal in a document
Color Picker for HTML 3 - Free Software 
Here's Wilbur - HTML 3.2 Tutorial 
HTML 3.2 - Tips - 
HTML 3.2 Reference - Web Design Group
HTML 3.2 Reference Specification - W3C Recommendation
Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples



HTML 4.x

Character Entity References in HTML 4
HTML 4  Complete Reference
HTML 4 - Tips - 
HTML 4.0 - Tutorials from HTMLWizards
HTML 4.0 Reference - Web Design Group
HTML 4.01 Specification - W3C Recommendation
Index of the HTML 4.0 Elements - W3C
Introduction to HTML 4






HTP Release 1.1
Orb - Free Software




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