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 Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
Animated GIF Recipe
  A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Animations for the Web
Bandwidth Conservation Society
  About Making GIF Files Smaller in Bytesize
GIF Construction Set Professional
GIF89a-Based Animation for the WWW
How to Create Animated GIFs
Make Your GIFs Dance - Article C/NET by Cecilia Farell
GIF Animation on the WWW
Gif Wizard - Optimizes GIFs and JPGs on Your
 Website to Improve Download Time




A-Z Clip Art List -
AAAClipArt - Free Clipart from A-Z
ArtClipart - Free Clipart Sites - Over 20,000 Free Images in over 400 Categories
ClipArt Collection, The - It's FREE
ClipArtXtras - Over 1 Million Free Clipart, Fonts, and Photo Images
FreeGraphicLand - Free Clipart and  Web Graphic Sites 
Soccer Graphics - Some Free Soccer Clipart
1Click Clip-Art -  
 Most Popular Clipart and Resource Sites on the Web
Web Clip Art - - over 700 Sites




Corel Draw - Help Guide - ZDNet
Corel Draw Users Webring Index - 10 Sites
Corel Desktop Publishing Resources
Corel Down Under
Corel Newsgroups
Corel Presentations - Help Guide - ZDNet
Corel Quattro Pro - Help Guide - ZDNet
Corel Resources
Corel User
Corel User Groups - Corel Draw, Photo Paint and the Web 
Corel WordPerfect - Help Guide - ZDNet
Corel WordPerfect Suite - Help Guide - ZDNet
Graphics Unleashed - Corel Draw and Photo Paint Tips and Tricks
 Corel Draw and Photo Paint - Graphics, Scripting, VB/More



 Graphics in General

Anfy Team Homepage - Free Download of Windows, Mac and
 Linux Software Programs for Web Graphics, HTML Special Effects
 and Navigation, Web Cam, Chat Rooms, Real-time 3D
 Animations, Desktop Wallpaper and Screensaver - 31 Languages
Banner Creation Tool - Simple, but Free
CAD - Newsgroup FAQ - ClipArt, Font, Photo, WebGraphic Links
Clip Art Universe
 Animated Gifs, Backgrounds, Buttons, Dividers, Graphics
Color Chart - - Specializing in the Creation of Corporate Identity Packages - Full Design and Printing Capabilities.
Compression FAQ
Cool Archive - FREE Fonts, Buttons, Backgrounds, Sounds, etc.
CoolText Online Graphics Generator
 Free Online Real-Time Customized Generation of Graphics 
Elated Web Toolbox - Backgrounds, Buttons, Graphics, Templates
Ender Design - Banners, Bars, Bullets, Buttons, Icons, Sets
Flash - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
Free Archive - Java, Fonts, Freeware, Games
Free Clip-Art
 Free Images, Clip-Art, 3D, Animations, More - Huge Resource
Free Graphics -
 Animation, Backgrounds, Fonts, Graphics, Tutorials
Free Web Templates -
 Also Backgrounds/Buttons/Clipart/Tutorials/More
GIF Animation on the WWW 
GIF Bot - Free Image 'optimizer'
Gif Wizard Home Page - Optimizes GIFs 
 and JPGs on Your Website to Improve Download Time
Graphic Arts Collection, Cary - History of Printing Images
Graphic Design Resource Center
 Actions, Filters, Fonts, Tips, Tutorials, More
Graphic Formats Explained by Dan Rutter
Graphic Resources -
Graphics - Newsgroup FAQ
Graphics & Layout Program Q&A
Graphics & Multimedia - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
Graphics Articles - Articles, Tutorials
Graphics Dump - Big Nose Bird
GraphXKingdom - Thousands of 
 Clipart, Icons, Backgrounds, Bars, Interfaces, Graphics
Grantastic Designs - Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing Tips
Image Formats - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
Images Archive, Index of - Old But Useful
Image Map Help Page
Internet Advies - Netherlands
John K Goodman's PanGalactic Pages - Hundreds of Links 
 Animation/Lighting/Library/Profile/Sketches/Mixes - A Really Neat
 Place to Visit - Some Places are Heavy on the Effects - You'll
 Need Some Power Under Your Hood
JPEG FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
 FreeOnline (or Download) Graphic Banner Image Generator
Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site
 Corel, Photoshop, Paintshop Tutorials/More
NASA Image Exchange
NASA Photo Gallery
Optimizing Web Graphics
PaletteMan - Color Palette
Photo Composition & Scanning
Pictures FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
Pixel Foundry - Web Design, Tips, Backgrounds, etc.
The RCI Graphics Archive
 An Archive of Images for Your Web Pages
The Web Bug FAQ - Web Bug is a graphics on a Web page 
 or in an Email message that is designed to monitor who is 
 reading the Web page or Email message
Themed Image Sets - Big Nose Bird
True Type Resource - Hundreds of Font Links for PC and MAC
216 Color Palette - VisiBone
Web Design Library
WebShots Desktop
 Free Desktop Wallpaper and Screen Saver Software




Icon Archive, Leo's - 7000+, Icons, Buttons, Bars, Graphics, More
Icon Bazaar
Icon Browser - Great
Yahoo! Icons - Links






Adobe Studio Exchange
Adobe Tutorials - Main Menu
AllExperts Adobe Photoshop Q&A 
Graphics Tips and Tricks
Hands on Training - Photoshop Tutorials
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Janee's Photoshop Tutorials
Official Adobe Photoshop Page
  Adobe - Mainpage - Product Info/Resources
Official Adobe Photoshop Page - Adobe - Online Tutorials
Photoshop - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
Photoshop - Help Guide - ZDNet
Photoshop Resource Links - Janee's Photoshop Resources
Photoshop Techniques - Pixel Foundry
Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials - 8 Topical Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials - Latest -
Photoshop Web Reference
  Version 3.0 & 4.0 - Filters,. Tools, Palettes, Links, More
Production Graphics With Wendy Peck - Masks/Tutorials/More
Team Photoshop



 SGI  - SGI Newsgroups

All about the SGI FAQs 
SGI Anonymous FTP List 
SGI Freeware 
SGI Movie FAQ 
SGI Performer FAQ 
Scott's SGI Page - SGI Miscellany
This Old SGI - Notes and Memoirs on the 4D Series Machines


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