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Akro Agate Collector's Web Site 
American Brilliant Cut Glass   by Carolyn M. Kleinpeter
American Glass Club Ltd, National
Angela Bowey's Glass Museum On Line - Including Links
Antique and Art Glass Salt Shaker Collector Society
Antiques, Artglass and Collectibles Webring - 100 Sites
Apothecary Vials, Glass
Appalachian Glass
Antiques, Kevin a Sives
 American Blown Glass, Blown Tableware, Bottles, Flasks, Jars
Art Glass, SandieK's Antique
 Phoenix and Consolidated Art Glass
Art Glass, Antiques, Collectible's Webring - 100 Sites
Art Glass Salt Shaker Collector's Society, Antique and
Art Glass Suppliers Association International
Backward Glances - Depression Glass, Elegant 
 Glassware, Westmoreland, Pottery, China for Sale
Blenko Glass -
Blenko Glass Company -  Milton, West Virginia
Boyd's Crystal Art Glass
 Canbridge, Ohio - Formerly Degenhart Glass
British Glass Web Site
Burmese Cruet
 American and Victorian Art Glass Catalog - 1880s - 1910s
Cambridge Glass Collector's, National
Carlson Art Glass
Carnival Glass, English
Carnival Glass Association, International - ICGA
Carnival Glass Association, New England
Carnival Glass Association, Sunshine State
Carnival Glass Club, Greater Arizona
Carnival Glass Collectors Association of Australia
Carnival Glass Website, Contemporary - Histories 50's - 90's
CarnivaLady - Carnival Glass
Clarice Cliff - Gales Antiques
Clarice Cliff Collectors Club
Classic Antiques and Collectible's - Depression Era Glassware
Classical Glass
Corning Glass Museum
Crystal Repair and Porcelain Restoration
Ctiques - Boyd Art Glass, Fenton, Glass Scottie Dogs
Custard Glass - A Brief History
Custard Glass Collector's Society
Cut Glass, Antique American - American Brilliant Period
Cut Glass Association, American - ACGA  
Czech This - Czechoslovakian Art Glass
Czechout - Art Glass and Pottery
Dave Doty's Field Guide
Depression Glass Association, Canadian - CDGA
Depression Glass Association, National - NDGA
Depression Glass Books - Gene Florence
Depression Glass Club, Old Dominion - 
 Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale Campus
Depression Glass Clubs
Depression Glass Mega-Show
 Shows, Library, Mailing List, Chat, Collectors Clubs
Depression Glass Super Site
 Some areas are Free, Others you need to Sign-up
Depression Glass Webring  - 12 Sites
Duncan Glass Museum, National - Washington, Pennsylvania
Duncan Miller Glass Company
Early American Pattern Glass - Phyllis Petcoff
Early American Pattern Glass Page
Early American Pattern Glass Society - EAPGS
English Glass
 Pressed Glass Maufacturers with Histories and Backgrounds
English Glass After the War - from the Glass Museum On-Line
European Glass
Eva Zeisel Collectors Club
Eye-Glass Museum - Italy
Fenton Art Glass and Collectible's
Fenton Art Glass Collector Corner
Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America
Fenton Art Glass Company - Another Site
Fenton Art Glass Company - Williamstown, West Virginia
Fenton Art Glass Webring - 7 Sites
Fenton Association, Pacific Northwest - PNWFA
Fenton Fanatics
Fenton Glass Place, Sandy's
Fenton Glass Society, National - NFGS
Fenton's Collectible's - New and Retired Fenton Art Glass
Fire-King History and Information Page, Billy the Kids
1st Glass - Vaseline, Uranium Glass, Flower Frogs - 
 Glass Registration Lozenge Translator for Marks Found on
 English Antique Glass Manufactured Between 1842 and 1883.
Fire-King Shop
Flower Frog Gazette
Flower Frogs and other Favorites
Fostoria Glass Collector's Inc.
Fostoria Glass Heritage Gallery - Fostoria, Ohio -   
 Did you know that Fostoria made Light Bulbs?
Fostoria Glass Society of America
Gene Florence's Web Page - Depression Glass Book Author
Georgeo's Collection - Handblown Art Glass - 
 160 Leading American Artists and European Masters
Glass Art Society, The
Glass Books for Sale - New/Used/Out of Print
Glass Castle
Glass Club, National American - NAGC
Glass Collector's Club of the Glass Museum Online
Glass Cupboard Catalog
 Depression, Elegant, Fire King, 40s, 50s, 60s
Glass Encyclopedia
Glass Encyclopedia Online
Glass Fishing Floats
Glass Fugitives - Want Lists for Glassware
Glass Hen on the Nest - and Covered Animal Dishes -Gran's Place - 192 pages of information by company in PDF format
Glass International - Glass Sales and Auction
Glass Man - Art Glass, Collectable Glass, Information, Sales
Glass Manufacturers Trademarks, Various
Glass Marks, Dictionary of Collectible
Glass Museum, Denmark
Glass Museum Bookshelf - Books on Glassware
Glass Museum Foundation, Historical
Glass Museum Online
Glass News, Collector
Glass Notes - A Reference for the Glass Artist
Glass Online, Just
Glass Resources, Antique - World Wide Art's Resource's
Glass School, Pilchuck
Glassblowing Basics, Scientific
Glasswork's, Antique -   
 Cut Glass - American Brilliant Period 1875-1915
Greentown Glass Association, National
 Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company 1894-1903
Goofus Glass Information Center
Hazel-Atlas - Short History
Hazel-Atlas - Moroccan Amethyst
Hazel Atlas Collector’s Web Site, The
Heisey Collectors Club, National Capitol
Hen on the Nest - see also Glass Hen on the Nest
Historical Glass Museum Foundation - Redlands, California
Holsten Galleries
 Glass Sculpture and Art Glass by Leading Contemporary Artists
Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association
Homer Laughlin China Company - Home Page
Hot Glass Studio and Art Glass Gallery, Chris Heilman's
 Hot Glass Sculptures, Blown Glass Vessels
Imperial Glass Collectors Society, National - NIGCS
Jade-ite Joe, Original - Sales
Jeanette Glass Company - Article
Just Glass Auctions - Antique & Collectible Glass - Articles, 
 Show Information and Reports, over 20,000 items for Sale Daily,
 Dealer Shops and more
Kimberly's Rarities in Glass - American and European Art Glass
King's Crown Collection - Tiffin Glass 1940-1980 - 
 Figurals, Paperweights, Pressed Ware
King's Crown Cupboard - Glassware
Lalique, About
Lalique North America
LE Smith Glass, About
LE Smith Glass Company - Gallery
LE Smith Glass Website - Front Page
Lenox Home Page
Libbey Glass Company - Another Site
Liberty Bell Glass Club
Libyan Desert Glass
Loetz Glass Reference, Information and History
Milk Glass Collectors Society, National - NMGCS
Moon and Star Glassware - Weishar Enterprises
Moon and Star Pattern Glass
Mosaics Online
Murano Glass Network
Museum of American Glass, West Virginia's
 Weston, West Virginia
Museum of American Glass, Wheaton Village
National Cambridge Collector's Inc. - NCC
Northwood Art Glass Company
Old Morgantown Glass Collectors' Guild
Online Glass Museum - Index Page
Overshot Glass, Frosted Glassware, Craquelle, Ice Glass, Frosted Ware - by the Authors of Crackle Glass
Pacific Northwest Fenton Association - PNWFA
Pasabahce Glass Museum
Pattern Glass Society, Early American - EAPGS
Peach Blow Glass - Fact vs Fiction - Glass Museum On-Line
Phoenix and Consolidated Art Glass and Muncie Pottery
Phoenix/Consolidated Glass Collectors Club
Pressed Glass, One Hundred Years of Pressed Glass: 1840-1940 - A Private Collection
Pressed Glass Collectors Club
Princess House
Puppets Glass - Varouis Pieces for Sale
Pyrex Files, The
Reamer Collectors Association, National - NRCA
Reamers and Depression-Era Kitchen Glass - Judy Smith's
Sandwich Glass Museum - Sandwich, Massachusetts
Satava Art Glass Studio
Seekers Glass Gallery of Cambria, California
  American Studio Art Glass
Simple Pleasures - Depression Glass, Elegant 
 Glassware, 40s, 50s, 60s, Dinnerware, Pottery
Spectrum Glass Company - Speciality Glass
St. Clair Glass - from the Glass Encyclopedia
Stained Glass: A Brief History
Stained Glass, A Little History About
Stained Glass, Castle
Stained Glass Association of America, The
Stained Glass Direct
Stained Glass Links
Stained Glass Museum, Ely
Stained Glass Online
Stained Glass Web-Mart - Stained Glass Tools and Supplies
Stained Glass Website, Jana's
Stretched Glass - Collector's Showcase Glass
Stretched Glass - JT Texas Company
Stretched Glass Society, The
Stueben Art Glass
Summit Art Glass - Reproductions
Swarovski Crystal
Sydenstricker Glass - Cape Cod - Brewster, Massachusetts
The Glass Circle - London, England
Tiara Glass - Tiara Exclusives
Tiffany Studios Resource Center
Tiffany's Art Glass Gallery
Tiffin Glass, History of
Tiffin Glass Collector's Club
Tiffin Glass Studio
Tintoretto Glass - Venetian Glass
Trout Studios - Craig Holt - Blown Art Glass - Staunton, Virginia
20-30-40-Society - American Made Glassware
Uranium Glass Gallery - Index Page
Vaseline Glass Collectors Inc
Vaseline Glass Palace
Waterford Crystal Home Page
West Virginia Museum of American Glass - WVMAG
West Virginia Glass Companies - A Listing
Westmoreland Glass Articles
Westmoreland Glass Collector Club, National
Westmoreland Glass Society Inc. - WGSI
Wilkerson Glass Company - Moundsville, West Virginia
Willow Creek Glass
Wishful Things - Art Glass Plus - High End Items
Ysart Glass - Perth, Scotland






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