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US Civil War

General Officers in the American Civil War


General Officer Lists - Generals by Name - Ulysses S Grant


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Generals by Name

JEB Stuart Website
Joseph Johnston- Biography of the Southern General
Roderick: The General's Mount
William Wing Loring
Brigadier General Basil Duke, CSA
Brigadier General Henry Gray MOS&B
 Chapter #218 - Shreveport, Louisiana 
Brigadier General James Johnston Pettigrew, CSA
Brigadier General John A. Rawlins, USA
Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan, USA
Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead, CSA
General Alpheus Williams, USA
 part of Project Plug Ugly (named after his Horse)
General AP Hill, CSA
General Burnett's Memories of the Lincoln Assassination Trial
General Grant National Memorial - New York, New York
General James Longstreet Society
General John A. Logan Museum and Interpretive Center - USA
General John Aaron Rawlins - US Grant's Aide de Camp
General John Bell Hood, CSA
General John F. Reynolds - Biography
General John Hunt Morgan, CSA
General Nathan Bedford Forrest
General Nathan Bedford Forrest's Headquarters
General PGT Beauregard
General Robert E. Lee: Civil War General
General Robert E. Lee, CSA
General Robert E. Lee, CSA
General Robert E Lee, Virginia's
General Samuel Cooper, CSA 
General Sweeny's Civil War Museum - Branson, Missouri
General William Tecumseh Sherman
General William Tecumseh Sherman
 A Tribute To William Tecumseh Sherman
Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA
Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA
Major General Edward 'Alleghany' Johnson, CSA
Major General Fitz John Porter, Court-Martial of - ORs 
Major General George B. McClellan Pages
Major General George E. Pickett, CSA
Major General George E. Pickett, CSA
Major General George Gordon Meade Archive
Major General George H. Thomas, USA
Major General John Fulton Reynolds, USA 
Major General Sterling Price, CSA
Major General Winfield Scott Hancock, USA
Major General WT Sherman
Major General WT Sherman's Special Order #34
US Generals A-Z 



Ulysses S Grant

General US Grant in Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Ulysses S Grant Association
Ulysses S. Grant Camp, # 68 - SUVCW
Ulysses S. Grant Home Page - It's BIG
Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site - St Louis, Missouri
Ulysses S Grant Network
White Haven - Ulysses S. Grant Home -
 National Historic Site St. Louis, Missouri
Wildlife Treasures at Grant's Farm - St. Louis Front Page




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