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Computers and Internet

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Computer Fonts

AbstractFonts - 1193 Freeware, Shareware Fonts - 
 Has Pop-up Banners from Hell
AcidFonts - Large Collection of Freeware Fonts and Dingbats
AmazonFonts - 100's of Free Fonts/Tools/Screensavers
Asian Font Resources -
Celtic Art and Font Links
Core Fonts for the World Wide Web - Microsoft - TrueType fonts 
 which Apple Macintosh and Windows users can download and
 install free of charge
Emigre - Font Packages and Character Sets for Sale
Fantasy Font Links
Font Archive - Yamada Language Center - 
 Even Klingon, Romulan and Tolkien 
Font Archives - Free Downloads
Font Freak - About 3000 Freeware, Shareware
 True Type Fonts for Mac and Windows
Font Links -
Font Links Galore - Confessions of a Font Junkie
Font Machine, The
  Free Fonts - Chinese Fonts, Dingbats, Utilities
Font Resource - Download 2000 Free Fonts - 
 Has Pop-up Banners from Hell
Font Utilities - The Font Machine
Fontcraft's Scriptorium Fonts and Graphic Arts
Fonts FAQ - Newsgroup FAQ
Fonts in Cyberspace - 457 Sources for 93 Languages
FontShop - 25,000 Fonts for Sale
Free Archive - Java, Fonts, Freeware, Games
 Categorized List of Free Fonts Resources on the Internet
FreeFonts - 1001 Free Fonts - Macintosh/Windows
Graphic Design Resource Center
 Actions, Filters, Fonts,Tips, Tutorials, More
International Typeface Corporation
 ITC - Browse, View, Download - Sales Site
MacFonts - 100's of Freeware/Shareware Fonts
Microsoft Typography Font Links, News and Contacts
The Font Pool - 17000+ Fonts
The Font Warehouse
Topfont - Free Fonts Ranked by Download
TrueType Core Fonts for the Web
 Microsoft Typography Website - Free Downloads
TrueType Resource - Type Resource - 
 Everything that could Possibly be Related to Fonts - Great Site
TypeRight - “to promote typefaces as creative works and 
 to advocate their legal protection as intellectual property”








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