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Reference Desk

Educational Resources


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General Resources

 Directory of Tests - Including IQ, personality, career, etc
American School Directory
 Web Pages to 106,000+ K-12 Schools in the US
American Universities
Association of Science-Technology Centers
BrainTrack - 5200 Universities Listed Worldwide
Business Majors by Lori Yamazaki -
Cindy's Homeschooling and Educational Resources Page
ClassMates - Search for people you went to high school with
Classroom Connect Connected Teachers Email List Archives at
College and University Home Page- Worldwide
College Life by Ben Miller -
College Search - College Board
Community College Web
CompletePlanet - 38,500 Searchable Entry Database
CompuMentor - Mentoring Handbook 
Crystalinks - Metaphysical and Science Page 
Deep Cold - Secret Space Age Projects Never Completed 
Department of Education Grant Award Database
Distance Learning by Kristin Hirst -
Early Childhood Educators by Becki Snow -
Education Commission of the States - ECS
Education Index
 an annotated guide to the best education-related sites
Education Resource Organization Directory
Educational Resources Information Center  - over 500,000 links 
Educator Resource Center  - Campaign for our Children
Elementary Educators by Beth Lewis -
Elementary Educators: Canada by Deb Russell -
English Language Resources - Electronic Text Center
ePals - Classroom Exchange
Evolution of Communication
Experiment and Explore Mathmatics - An Interactive Website
Explorer - Collection of Educational Resources 
 for K-12 Mathematics and Science Education
FastWeb Scholarship Search
Federation Member Directory - NSBA is a Federation of 
  State Associations of School Boards Across the United States
Funding Opportunities Database
Funders Online
Gateway to Education Materials - GEM
getCITED - Online Academic Database And Discussion Forum - Pub Search 
Grad School Admissions by Tara Kuther -
HigherEd- Faculty and Staff Positions
Internet Classics Archive - 441 works of Classic Literature
Internet Tutorials - University of Albany Libraries 
Invisible Library - A Collection of Books that Only Appear in Books
IPEDS College Opportunities On-Line
ITrain Links to Training Resources
K-12 School Libraries on the Internet
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - 
Categorized List of Sites - K-12 Teachers, Adult Educators
Learn2University - like ZDNet University - On-Line Tutorials
LibDex - Worldwide Library Index - 17000 Libraries
Librarian's Index to the Internet 
Librarians Index to the Internet: Internet Training Resources
Library in the Sky - 1414 Educational Web sites listed 
Library WebLogs - Library Related Weblogs - The World of Math Online
NASA Quest - Resources for Educators, Kids, Enthusiasts
National Catholic College Admission Association
 about 200 Colleges
National Center for Education Statistics
National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education - NCPSE
National Public School Locator
NetLearn: Directory of Internet Learning Resources
NetSkills - UK
NetTrain - A Discussion List for Internet Trainers
New York Times Learning Network
Newton's Apple - Educational Resources Information Center -
  education information for teachers, librarians, counselors,
  administrators, parents, etc
Node Learner Resources - Free, Self-paced Online Tutorials Designed to Coach you Through the Basics of Internet use
Nova Online
OECD Education Database - Learn English Online
OpenContent Content Database - 
 Sources of Open Training Materials 
Peterson's Guide to Colleges - Information on 
 Undergraduate and Graduate Education in the US
Peterson's Graduate Search
Peterson's Undergraduate Search
Private Schools by Robert Kennedy -
Project Happy Child - Links to Over 25,000 Schools
 Free Research Library of 300,000+ Computer Science Articles
Resources for Teachers from the Association for Library Service to Children
Resources for Teaching Social Psychology - CROW
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography - over 1,290 Articles, 
 Books, and e-Documents Related to Scholarly Electronic 
 Publishing Efforts
Scout Report Homepage - InterNIC Net Scout Project at the University of Wisconsin - Madison
Secondary School Educators by Melissa Kelly -
Sexual Harassment Guidance
 Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights - OCR
Shaw Guides to Educational Programs
Special Education by Pat Linkhorn -
StarChild - Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Study Abroad Database - OSAD
StudyWeb - Homework Help and Online Tutoring - 
 Geared for High School Level - Fee Service
Teach-nology - Web Portal for Educators 
Teachers Tools - Carson-Dellosa Instructional Material
The Educational Testing Service Network - ETS
The Teaching Librarian 
The Teaching Library - Instruction and Guides to the Internet - 
  University of California Teaching Library
TipWorld -  Tips and Techniques for using 
  Microsoft Applications, Computer Software, and more
TipZone - 
 Tips for Many Different Software Programs, All Platforms - ZDNet
Training & Development Resource Center - TCM 
TRDEV-L Training and Development Home Page
US Department of Education
Vignettes for Training - eLeaning and Online Training
Virtual Reference Desk 
Votech Education by Diana Fell -
Worldwide University Directory



State Resources

Education Commission of the States - ECS
Alabama - College System
Alabama - Commission on Higher Education
Alabama - Department of Education
Alaska - Department of Education
Alaska - University of Alaska
Arizona - Department of Education
Arkansas - Department of Workforce Education
Arkansas - Education
California - Department of Education
Colorado - Commission on Higher Education
Colorado - Department of Education
Connecticut - Community Colleges
Connecticut - Department of Education
Connecticut - Department of Higher Education
Connecticut - University of Connecticut
Connecticut - University System
Delaware - Department of Education
Florida - Department of Education
Florida - Public Universities
Georgia - Department of Education
Georgia - Department of Technical and Adult Education
Georgia - The University System of Georgia
Hawaii - Department of Education
Hawaii - University of Hawaii
Idaho - Department of Education
Idaho - Links to Idaho Schools
Illinois - Board of Higher Education
Illinois - Community College System
Illinois - State Board of Education
Indiana - Department of Education
Indiana - Higher Education Telecommunication System - iHETS
Iowa - Education Links
Kansas - Department of Education
Kentucky - Council on Post-Secondary Education
Kentucky - Department of Education
Kentucky - The University of Kentucky
Louisiana - Department of Education
Maine - Department of Education
Maine - University of Maine System
Maryland - Colleges and Universities
Maryland - Department of Education
Massachusetts - Colleges and Universities
Massachusetts - Department of Education
Michigan - Department of Education
Minnesota - Colleges and Universities
Minnesota - Department of Children, Families and Learning
Minnesota - InforMNs Project - Internet for Minnesota Schools
Minnesota - Private College Council
Minnesota - University of Minnesota System
Mississippi - Department of Education
Mississippi - Universities
Missouri - Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Missouri - Department of Higher Education
Nebraska - Department of Education
Nebraska - University of Nebraska
Nevada - Department of Education
New Hampshire - Department of Education
New Jersey - Department of Education
New Jersey - School Links - Includes Colleges and Universities
New Mexico - Department of Education
New York - City University of New York
New York - Department of Education
New York - State University of New York - SUNY
North Carolina - Community College System
North Carolina - Independent Colleges and Universities
North Carolina - Public Schools Infoweb
North Dakota - Department of Public Instruction
North Dakota - University System
Ohio - Colleges and Universities
Ohio - Department of Education
Oklahoma - Department of Education
Oregon - Department of Education
Oregon - University System
Pennsylvania - Career and Trade Schools
Pennsylvania - Colleges and Universities
Pennsylvania - Department of Education
Rhode Island - Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Rhode Island - Education Links
South Carolina - Department of Education
South Carolina - Education Links
South Dakota - Department of Education and Cultural Affairs
Tennessee - Department of Education
Texas - Education Agency
Texas - Institutions of Higher Education
Texas - Texas Education Network - TeNet
Vermont - Department of Education
Virginia - Colleges and Universities
Virginia - Community College System
Washington State - Superintendent of Public Instruction
West Virginia - College System
West Virginia - Department of Education
West Virginia - University System
Wisconsin - Department of Public Instruction
Wisconsin - Education Links
Wyoming - Community College Commission
Wyoming - Department of Education
Wyoming - University of Wyoming





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