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Reference Desk

Resources for People with Disabilities - Part II

State Resources, Newsgroups and Webrings


State Resources - Newsgroups - Webrings


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State Resources

Alabama -Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Alabama -Institute for the Deaf and Blind
Alaska - Council on Disabilities and Special Education
Arizona  - Division of Developmental Disabilities
California - Department of Rehabilitation
Colorado - Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities
Connecticut - Department of Mental Retardation
Connecticut - 
Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
Delaware - Division of Services for
 Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities
Florida - The Able Trust
Idaho - Council on Developmental Disabilities
Indiana - Planning Council for People with Disabilities
Iowa  - Department for the Blind
Kansas - ADA Information Center
Kansas - Council on Development Disabilities
Maryland - Technology Assistance Program
Massachusetts  - Office on Disability
Minnesota - Council on Developmental Disabilities
Minnesota - Council on Disability
Missouri - 
Division of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Nebraska - Disability Programs
New Hampshire - Commission on Disability
New Jersey - Office on Disability Services
New York  - Office of the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities
Ohio - 
Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Oregon - Senior and Disabled Services
Rhode Island - Developmental Disabilities Council
South Carolina - Department of Disabilities and Special Needs
South Dakota - Division of Developmental Disabilities
Tennessee - Developmental Disabilities Council
Utah  - Services for People with Disabilities
Vermont - Department of Aging and Disabilities
Virginia - Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Virginia - Department for the Rights of Virginians with Disabilities
Virginia  - Department for the Visually Handicapped
Washington State  - Department of Services for the Blind
West Virginia - Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Wisconsin - Disability Programs Index
Wyoming  - Division of Developmental Disabilities






A Brighter Future Webring
 Kids Disability Awareness Ring - 24 Sites
Asperger's Webring - Asperger Syndrome - 56 Sites
Care Moms Webring - 9 Sites
Caregivers of Mentally Disabled Children Webring - 52 Sites
Chronic Pain Webring - 80 Sites
Disabilities Awareness Webring Network (DAWN) Webring -
 297 Sites
Disability Ring Webring - 103 Sites
Down Syndrome Webring - 152 Sites
Families with Special Needs Children Webring - 24 Sites
KidPower - Cerebral Palsy and Family Support Webring - 35 Sites
Moms Helping Moms Webring - 3 Sites
Neonatology Webring - 20 Sites
Living with ADD Webring
Attention Deficit Disorder - 97 Sites
Please Save the Children Webring - 31 Sites
PROM Queens Ring
Premature Rupture of Membranes - 11 Sites
Ring Of Special Needs Children Webring - 489 Sites
Special Angels Webring - Special Needs Children - 324 Sites
The Disabilities Webring - 115 Sites
The Hope Ring Webring - 294 Sites
The Microcephaly Network Webring - 4 Sites
The Ring of Service Dogs Webring - 6 Sites
The Tough Cookie Webring - 18 Sites
Tourette Syndrome Webring - 8 Sites




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