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Computers and Internet

Computers for Beginners

Links and Resources for the Computer Novice


General Information - Links


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A Beginners Guide to HTML
A Beginner's Guide to URLs - Short but Sweet
A Parent's Guide To Safe Surfing - Tutorial from
About Computers - Adirondacks 2000
About the Web Internet Guide 
An Introduction To IRC - FAQ
Beginner's Guide to Drivers - C/Net
Ben's Computer Building Blocks
Bob Cerelli's Windows Page - Tips, Tricks, How-to's
Build a Computer
 Online Guide to Planning  and Building Your Own PC
Build Your Own Computer by Matthew Welsh - 
 Has Pop-up Banners from Hell
Build Your Own PC
 Step by Step instructions on Building Your own PC
CD-ROM Drives - Tutorial from PC Guide
Choosing The ISP That's Right For You 
Choosing Your Motherboard
Compression FAQ
Computer Builders Resource Guide
Computer Help for Ordinary PC Users II 
Computer Helper Guy - Articles/News
Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms -
Computer Virus Myths Homepage by Rob Rosenberger
Computer Tips - Technical Information Pages -  
 Display/Forums/IO Devices/Links/MBs/More
Computing - WWW V-L
Computing and Information Services Help Desk
 CIS Help Desk Knowledge Base
Computing Information Resources
Configure Internet Connections - Tutorial - Tech Advice
Configure Internet Connections - Tutorial - Tech Advice
Downloading Basics
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Evaluation of Information Sources
Experts Exchange - Q&A
ExpertCity - Question and Answer
Exploring Usenet Newsgroups - Tutorial from
FindTutorials - The Tutorial Search Engine 
Floppy Drives - Tutorial from PC Guide
FOLDOC - Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing
Free Computer and Internet Books
 Online Editions - Hundreds of Tiles in Alphabetical Order
Free Online Dictionary of Computing by Denis Howe
Glossary of Internet Terms -
Graphic Formats Explained by Dan Rutter
Guide to Building a New ATX PC - Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide
Hard Disk Drives - Tutorial from PC Guide
Hardware Central - Over 90 Tutorials - 
 Something for EVERYONE, a GREAT Site 
Hardware Help Online - Best overall Reference for Newbies
Host Help - Help and Information on Web Hosting
How to Download Software and Plug-ins
How to Use Search Engines - Spiders Apprentice
How to Wire a Network - LinkSys 
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
 HTTP/1.1- More Than You Probably Want to Know
InsideYourPC  - Computer Maintenance for Beginners
Internet Advertising Terminology 
Internet FAQ Archives
Internet Firewalls FAQ 
Internet Requests for Comments
 Written Definitions of the Protocols and Policies of the Internet
Internet Tips and Secrets
Internet Users' Glossary - Online Edition
Introduction to HTML and URLs
Introduction To IRC for the Novice -
Introduction to SNA - Systems Network Architecture
Introduction to TCP/IP
Introduction to Web Design
Introduction to Web Programming
Jargon File 4.2.0 
Kruiser's Tips and Trick - Computer Topical Resources
Learn to Build Your Own Computer
Mailing Lists - Join The Club - Tutorial from
Maintaining a Healthy Computer
Malek Tips - DOS, Windows, MS Office, 
 Web Design, Promotion, More 
Monitors - Tutorial from PC Guide
Motherboard and System Devices - Tutorial from PC Guide
Net for Beginners -
Networks for Beginners
 Ethernet LAN/Gateway/Hubs/IP/Routers/More
Newbie Dome - A Beginners Guide to the Internet
Newbie Guide to the Internet
Newbie Guide to Videoconferencing by Laura Schneider
Newbie's Internet Guide 
News NewUsers Questions - Newsgroup FAQ and Information
Online Hand-Me-Down PC
Operating System Tutorial and Resource Guide
 DOS, Windows, Mac - Bowling Green SU
PC Guide - Detailed PC Reference Information
PC Lube and Tune - Introductions, Tutorials for Computer Users 
PC Protection - ZDNet Help and How-to - 
 Hackers, Viruses, System Perils
PC Tutorial - from NCSU English Department Faculty
Personal Infomediary Center
Photo Composition & Scanning
PPP Computer Protocol
Search Engine and Subject Directory FAQs - Searching FAQs
Search Engine Fundamentals - Tutorial from
Search Engine Terms
Searching The Net - Help Guide - ZDNet
So, You Want to Make a Webpage?
Sources of Computer Information
Standards and Protocol - Resources -
System Memory - Tutorial from PC Guide
10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained - by Brad Templeton
The Common Gateway Interface
The Cookie Leak Security Hole
The Hand-Me-Down PC - Original Online Version
The HelpWeb - A Guide To Getting Started on the Internet
The Jargon File - Hacker Jargon/Slang
The Neophyte's Guide To Effective Email
 Tutorial from
The Processor - Tutorial from PC Guide
The Storm Before the COM - COM Ports and Modems
The TAO of Backup 
The Unusual Diode FAQ
The Web Bug FAQ - Web Bug is a graphics on a Web page 
 or in an Email message that is designed to monitor who is 
 reading the Web page or Email message
The Web Robots Pages - Information About Web 
 Crawlers, Robots, Spiders, etc.
Trevin's Help for Ordinary PC Users
 Glossary, Software, Hardware Installation, Peripherals
Norm Matloff's Debugging Tutorial 
Self-Paced Interactive Tutorials - Computer Training Center
Understanding Web Addresses - Tutorial from
Using and Interpreting Relative URLs
Video Cards - Tutorial from PC Guide
Web Novice - Tutorials, How-to's 
Has Pop-up Banners from Hell
Web Teacher - Tutorials - Great for Beginner's - Dozens of Topics
Webopedia - Online Computer Dictionary
 for Internet Terms and Technical Support
WhatIs? - Computer Dictionary, Encyclopedia - A-Z Index
Windows on the World - Adding Internet Access to PC's, More
Wire and Cable FAQ
World of Windows Networking
WWW Articles
ZDNet Help and How-to




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