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US Civil War

Colored Troops in the American Civil War


General Resources - Units and Regiments - Miscellaneous Information


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General Resources

African-American Civil War Memorial 
African American Genealogy Web Ring - 58 Links
African American History: Civil War and Slavery
African American Records at the Maryland State Archives
African American Warriors 
African Americans in the Civil War Links
alt.culture.african.american.history - Newsgroup Link
Black Confederates Fact Sheet
Black Soldiers in the Civil War - NARA
Captain Andre Cailloux - First African American Combat Hero
Colored Troops in the Civil War - Whole Lotta Links
Court Martial Trial of Sgt. William Walker, 3rd. S.C. Colored Infantry, U.S.
Freedom Fighters 
Guide to Tracing Your African American Civil War Ancestor -
 African American Genealogy Books
Hawkins' Division of  6000 Colored Troops - by Camille Corte
Links to Black Soldiers on the Internet
Louisiana Native Guards - First Black Soldiers in 
 the Union Army - The Corps d'Afrique at Port Hudson
Regimental Index - US Colored Troops
Tennessee Colored Pension Applications for CSA Service
The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System - CWSS
US Colored Troops - by Bennie McRae, Jr
US Colored Troops - Links
US Colored Troops at Camp Nelson 
US Colored Troops Cavalry 
US Colored Troops formed in North Carolina
US Colored Troops from Delaware
US Colored Troops from Kentucky
US Colored Troops Home Page
US Colored Troops Resident in Baltimore at the Time of the 1890 Census 



Units and Regiments

1st Colored Infantry/55th U.S. Colored Troops
1st Louisiana Native Guards, Co E - Muster Roll
1st North Carolina Colored Volunteer Infantry
 35th US Colored Troops
1st South Carolina Colored Volunteer Infantry
 History and Reenactors
2nd North Carolina Colored Infantry / 36th US Colored Infantry
5th Regiment Cavalry, USA  - United States Colored Troops
8th Kentucky Heavy Artillery, Company D, USA
 US Colored Troops - History & Roster
8th US Colored Troops
8th US Colored Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers
14th US Colored Heavy Artillery
28th US Colored Troops, Indiana
34th US Colored Troops and 2nd South Carolina Volunteers 
35th US Colored Infantry
37th US Colored  Infantry, History of the  - Roster
38th US Colored Troops, Company D 
45th US Colored Troops, Pennsylvania Volunteers 
54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Company I 
54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, USA
73rd US Colored Troops, History of the
 First Black Troop to be Mustered into the Army - by Camille Corte



Miscellaneous Information


Colored Troops known to have been at Camp Nelson, Kentucky

5th Colored Cavalry 116th Colored Infantry 
6th Colored Cavalry 117th Colored Infantry 
12th Colored Heavy Artillery  119th Colored Infantry 
13th Colored Heavy Artillery  123rd Colored Infantry 
114th Colored Infantry  124th Colored Infantry
115th Colored Infantry    




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