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Antique Bottle Collectors Haven
 Almost 50 Different Bottle Classification Groups 
Antique Bottle's  - Soda Pop, Perfume, Milk - Good Source
Antique Medicine Bottles
Antique Soda and Beer Bottles - Pre-crown
Apothecary Vials, Glass
Aussie Bottle Digger
Australian and NZ Antique Bottles and Collectables Webring - 21 Sites
Beer Bottle Collector
Bottle & Pot Lid Collectors Webring - 82 Sites
Bottle Basics by Digger Odell
Bottle Collecting Newsletters, Glenn Poch's
Bytown Bottle Seekers Club - Ottawa, Canada
Bottles and Bygones, A World of
 Museums/Auctions/Guides/Shows/etc - UK
Coca-Cola Bottles of the World Homepage
Codd's Wallop - Antique Bottles
Decanter Collectors - Links, Pictorials, Price Guide
Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors
Fruit Jar Collectors Webring - 13 Sites
Ian's Antique Bottles and Stoneware
Insulator Association, National - NIA
Insulator Collectors on the Net Webring - 42 Sites
Insulator Reference Site, Glass 
Jim Beam Decanter Club
Metal Detecting, Bottle Collecting and Genealogy Webring - 21 Sites
Milk Bottle Collector's, National Association of - NAMBC
Milk Bottle Links
Milk Bottle-O-Rama, Merle's
Milk Bottle Page, Larry Berndt's
Miniature Bottle Club, Port Nicholson - Wellington, New Zealand
Miniature Bottle Collector Online
Moxie Collector's Page
Patent Medicine Bottles
Perfume Collectors Webring - 7 Sites
Poison Bottles - Rob's Famous Poisons Page
Snuff Bottle Store
Tino's Bottle Page






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