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AAAS Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet
Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds
Academic Special Collections
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Ad Busters - Activism 
Aerospace Subjects, Internet Sufboard for - Big - Net Guide
African History - A Guide to Research - University of Minnesota
African Mythology
Alcoholism Index - Net Guide/Search Engine
Alki Babynamer - Over 18,000 Names
All Law - Federal Law Search
American Fact Finder - US Census Bureau - Bookshelf
American Hospital Directory
American Memory Collections - All Collections 
American Society of Media Photographers
American Studies - Univesity of Virginia
Annotated Table of Characters - WIK  
Anyday - Find out birthdays, death dates, and 
 special events that happened any day of the year
APlus Research & Writing for High School and College Students
Aqueous - Search Engine for Water Related Sites
Area Code and Country Code Lookup
Archival and Historical Websites
Archival Internet Resources - Ready, Net, Go
Archives & Archivists List - Miami University
Archives and Manuscript Collections - Columbia University
Archives in the World - UNESCO
Archives of the West
Archives on the Web - Ostertag
Archives Records Information Access System
 ARIAS - PA Digital Archives
ArchivesUSA - Integrated Collection and Repository Information
Archivist's Daybook - Miller
ARCHON - Archival Resources Online - UK
Area Code and Country Code Lookup
Argus - Ancient and Medieval Internet
Argus Clearinghouse - Awesome Topical Reference Resource
Article Master - Interactive Library 
Articles for Meeting Planners and Training Managers  
  by Ron Kaufman 
Arts & Crafts Archives
Arts and Humanities - Student Links Galore - HUGE
AskART - Database about American 
  Artists from the16th through 21st Centuries
AskEric - Educational Information
Associations Canada Directory
Associations on the Net
Astronomy Research - Meta Research - Up to Date
Australian Electronic Texts - SETIS
AvatarSearch - Search Engine of the Occult Internet
BaseLine - Facts for Film and TV Industries
Best Information Resources on the Net
Best Infomation on the Net Main Page - Moving and Relocation Resources
Better Business Bureau - BBB
 searchable database of 15,000 names from A & E Television
Biology Rersources - Google Web Directory 
Bloomsbury Research Centre
  Free Online Database of Reference Books
Briefing Book on International Organizations in Geneva
British and Irish Legal Information Institute
Business Writing and other Workshops and Seminars
Bull's Eye Business Writing Tips
Canadian Associations
  Weather Closings & Delays by Zip Code or Organization
Car Safety Rankings - NHTSA
Card Game Rules
Career Research Tools and Data
Castles of the World
Center for History and New Media
Central Intelligence Agency Publications and Reports
 Electronic Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Chemical Abstracts Service -    World's Largest and Most
  Comprehensive Databases of Chemical Information
Chemistry Resources - Google Web Directory 
Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
CIA Factbook
Citing Electronic Resources
 Electronic Information Citation Guides
City/State Information
Civil Trials Statistical Database - US Federal District Court
ClassMates - Search for people you went to high school with
Clearinghouse of Subject-Oriented Research Guides
Cliché Site 
Clinton Presidential Materials Project 
Coal Mining Engineer's Webpage
Collaborative Digital Reference Service - CDRS - USLOC
Comics Research Libraries
Company Profiles - information on over 45,000 
 leading public and private companies in the U.S.
Constitution Finder
Consumer Complaints Database - NHTSA
Consumer Price Index
Consumer Reports Online
Contact Center Network Nonprofit Directory, The
 Directory of Nonprofit Organizations
Cornell University Library
Countries and International Services
Country At A Glance - UN
Country Background Notes - US State Department
Country Energy Briefs - US EIA
Country Health Profiles - Pan American Health Organization
Country Studies - Area Handbook Series - LOC
Court Directory - US Courts
CPAhoo - Searchable Subject Index for CPAs
Creativity Web - Resources for Creativity and Innovation 
Cross-Reference List of Country Data Codes
 HUGE Listing - CIA Factbook
Cross-Reference List of Hydrographic Data Codes
 HUGE Listing - CIA Factbook
Cross-Reference List of Geographic Names
 HUGE Listing - CIA Factbook
CultureFinder - Theatre/Broadway/Music/Opera/Dance,etc.
Culture Kiosk -  
Curmudgeon's Stylebook, The
 Supplement to the Traditional AP's Stylebook
Currency Converter, Classic 164
CyberCafes Worldwide - 3300+ in 130 Countries
Darwin Awards
Database of Academic Bibliographies
 239 of them in 165 Categories - NoodleLinks 
DEA/TRAC - Charts, Graphs, Maps, more
Defect Investigations Database - NHTSA - Taxes
Deerfield, Massachusetts Indian Raid in 1704 info
Digital Librarian: Archives & Manuscripts
Digital Scriptorium Test Database
 Manuscripts, Documents, Images - over 7,000
Diplomatic Lists
Directorie of Renaissance Faires and Medieval Festivals
Directory of Corporate Archives in the United States and Canada
Directory of Economic, Commodity and Development Organizations - IMF
Directory of Major US Shopping Malls
Directory of Networked Resources - NISS -
DirectSource - RESOURCE - You Have Too See it- It's HUGE 
Documenting the American South - University of North Carolina
Douglass - Archives of American Public Address - 
 Speeches and Related Documents
E-Alert USA - National Emergency Notification Service - 210,407 electronic signatures on 4,533 petitions 
Early American Trails and Roads
Early Canadiana On-Line
Earthquake Search
Easter Egg Archive
EconWPA - Economic Working Paper Archive 
Education Resource Links from Yahoo
18th Century Resources - A Fantastic Site
Elections USA - All the elections 1948-96: 
 results, polls and regular updates from 50 states.
Electronic Directory of the European Institutions
Electronic Journals - Princeton University
Elements of Style - William Strunk's
Electronic Newsstand, The - Magazines
Embassies in the United States
Embassy World
 Directory of the Worlds Embassies and Consulates 
Empowerment Zone Locator - 900 Magazine Titles
Engineering and Technology Resources - Google Web Directory 
English Letters into Hieroglyphs
Episteme Links - Philosophy Resources on the Internet
eText Archives - E-Zines/Political/Fiction/Religion/Poetry, etc.
Ethnologue - Languages of the World
EuroDocs - Western European Primary Historical Documents
European Union/Monetary Union Banking Databases
European Union Treaties
Experts Exchange
Experts Registry of Authors, Consultants, 
Expert Witnesses and Spokespersons
Extreme Search Engines
Facsnet - Journalism Resources and Education
Family History Resources on the Internet -
 Immigration History Research Center
FanSites - It's in the Name
FAQs by Newsgroup
Fast Facts -  Almanacs, Factbooks, 
 Statistical Reports & Related Reference Tools
Fatality Analysis Reporting System - NHTSA
FBI Tip Web site
FBI/TRAC - Charts, Graphs, Maps, more
Federal Justice Statistics Database
Federation of American Scientists
Fielding's Dangerous Places
FindIt - Itools
FindLaw - Search the Web for Sounds - Tutorials Search Engine 
Firearm Image Library
Firefighter Fatality Database
Fire Loss Profiles - National Fire Data Center
FishBase - over 23,000 Species
Food & Drug Admin Archives
Foreign Consular Offices in the U.S.
Foreign Government Directories
Foreign Government Statistical Organizations
Foreign Embassies of Washington D.C.
Forum One - the Web's search engine for online forums
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library & Museum 
Freedom of Information Act 
Frequent Finders - Looks for Words in URLs
Gadzillion Things To Think About - Over 8740 Questions
GAO Reports - General Accounting Office
Gallery of Obscure Patents
Gateway to Education Materials -
Gateway to US Associations - Directory of Geographers - Physical Geographers, Human Geographers and Technical Geographers
Geography - Cartography/Census/Zip Codes/Flags/History, etc.
Geology Resources - Google Web Directory 
Global Information Locator Service
Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Other Characters in Mythology
Golem Project - Genetically Organized Lifelike Electro Mechanics
 - Experiments in Which Simple Electro-Mechanical Systems
 Evolved  From Scratch to Yield Physical Locomoting Machines
Government Guide
 Federal, State and Local Resources for all Categories of Government
Great Books of Western Civilization, The
Great Britian Historical GIS Project Homepage
Great Lakes Shipping Database
Green Eggs Report
 List of URLs Spotted Within Given Newsgroups
Guide to the Archives of Intergovernmental Organizations
Harper's Index - Statistics
Helpful Guide to Search Engines
Hero: Higher Education and Research Opportunities - UK
Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record - HABS/ ABPP
Historical Societies on the Internet (IHS)
History - WWW-VL
History Channel
History of Astronomy: Archives and Libraries
History of Education: archives, source-collections
History of Science: Archives and libraries
History Resources - Great List
History Resources on the WWW - WWW V-L
Hotsheet - One Huge Reference List
House of Lists - Lists of and for everything
How to Clean Anything
HUD Bibliographic Database
Human-Languages Page - best language links on the Internet
Image Surfer
Image Surfer - Yahoo!
InfoSpace Lottery Results - US
INS/TRAC - Charts, Graphs, Maps, more - Cemeteries and related
International Affairs Resources - WWW Virtual Library 
International Association of Labor History Institutions. Members
International Council on Archives. Directory
International Country Rank
International Data Base - US Census
International Data Base
 World-Wide Demographic and Socio-Economic Statistical Tables
International Governmental Organizations
International Homework Webring Index - 160 Links
International Links on Business History
International Organizations
International Organizations and Groups
 HUGE Listing - CIA Factbook
International Population Pyramids
International Red Cross - Operations by Country
International Statistical Database
International Statistical Organizations
International Trade Statistics
International Trade Web Resources -
Internet Archive of Texts and Documents
Internet Content Rating System - ICRA
Internet Department of Motor Vehicles
Internet Hotlinks (Utah)
Internet Navigation Tools
Internet Resources Meta-Index -
Internet Secrets
Internet Traffic Report
IREX Library and Archive Assessments
Irish Historical Statistics, Database of
IRS/TRAC - Charts, Graphs, Maps, more
JCS - Zip and Area Code lookup sources 
Judges of the United States Courts
Kansas Collection
 Voices of the Past Live Again Through Ephemera
Key Officers at Foreign Service Posts
Knowledge Source, The
Labour and Business History Institutions
Legal History Resources on the Web
Language and Translation Center
Lavender Legacies: Guide to Sources in North America
Law and Politics Internet Guide
Law Dictionary, Oran's - Abridged
Law Enforcement by Clif Brinson -
Law Guru
Lawyers by Brian N. Durham -
LegalDocs - Do it Yourself  Legal Forms
Librarians Index to the Internet
Librarians Resource Center
Libraries and Special Collections of Alchemical Books and Manuscripts
Library of Congress - American Special Collections
Library of Congress Country Studies
Library Resources
Licence Plates of the World
Live Net Events
Local Radio Station Locations - Yahoo
Luminarium - Medival/Renaissance




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