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Computers and Internet

Apple/Macintosh Resources and Information


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General Links

Accelerate Your Mac
AllExperts Macintosh Q&A 
An Index of Mac Hardware Documents on the Net -
 Apple G3/PowerMac/Standards/More
Apple Macintosh Software -
Apple Manuals - FTP Site - 
 Cameras/Monitors/Power Books/Printers/More
Apple Software Updates- Apple
AppleCare Tech Info Library - Mainpage
AppleCare Tech Info Library - Software Updates Online/FAQ
AppleScript - Help Guide - ZDNet
AppleWorks - Help Guide - ZDNet
Atomik AppleScript for Ircle 
Chezmark's MacPicks - Mac Freeware/Shareware
Classic Macs WWW Archive
 Archive Site for Hitz Media's Classic Macs Mailing List
Control Panel - Help Guide - ZDNet
Customizing - Help Guide - ZDNet
File Management - Help Guide - ZDNet
Focus on Mac Hardware by Ryan J. Faas -
Focus on Mac Support  
 by Dave Merten & Shari Schroeder -
Focus on Mac Support
Fonts - Help Guide - ZDNet
Go2Mac - O'Gardy's OPower Page - 
GUI Central - A Repository of UI Trinkets
Hardware - Help Guide - ZDNet
InformINIT and the Mac Pruning Pages 
Installing MacOS 
Interfacing a Mac Serial Port to RS-232 Lab Equipment
Internet - Help Guide - ZDNet
Mac Browser Helper Applications
Mac Daily Network, The - Everything MAC  
Mac Document Translators/Filters
Mac Gaming - ZDNet 
Mac Home  Macintosh
Mac HTML Editors
Mac Repair Tips/Frequent Problems
 Just Hit Cancel on Password Box
Mac User - On-Line Publication
Mac Web Servers - How-to Library - C/Net Web Building
MacAttack - E-Zine/News/Reviews/Troubleshooting/
MacFixIt - Troubleshooting for your Mac
MacGhostView from CMacTex
Macintosh - Newsgroup FAQ
Macintosh - Software - Help Guide - ZDNet
Macintosh ARA CCL - Modem String/CCL Database 
Macintosh C - A Hobbyist Guide to Programming the MacOS in C
Macintosh Operating Systems by William Bailey -
Macintosh Pascal V2.1
 A Hobbyist Guide to Programming the MacOS in Pascal
Macintosh Plug-Ins - BrowserWatch
Macintosh Tutorial from NCSU English Department Faculty
MacInTouch Homepage
 The Original Mac News and Information Site 
MacOpinion - Columns/Resources
MacOS Rumors 
MacOSZone - Mac Software
MacPerl FAQ
MacPerl Homepage
MacPerl List Archives 
MacSpeedZone - Articles/Files/Information/Products/Reviews/More
MacTimes Homepage - Mac News and Headlines
Mac-FTP-list -  HTML Version 4.5.3
Microsoft Word 98 Internet Assistant for Macintosh 
Microsoft Mactopia - Mac Downloads, Information and News
MyHelpDesk - Apple Macintosh Operating System
NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh Homepage - Mac Browser
O'Reilly Macintosh Center 
 Books/News Archive/Sample Chapters/Other
OpenMac: References
An Index of Mac Hardware Documents on the Net
Operating System - Help Guide - ZDNet
Online Media - Help Guide - ZDNet
PC<->Mac Networking 
Performance - Help Guide - ZDNet
Pointers to Classic Mac Sites 
PrintToPDF - Mac
Radius Vintage Mac Software - for SE and Plus
Resources For The Older Macintosh
 Old/Used/Software/Hardware - 250+ Links
ShareTheMac City
 Information and Help about Macintosh Shareware
Shortcuts - Help Guide - ZDNet
Shreve Systems -Macintosh Parts and CPUs
System Management - Help Guide - ZDNet
The Daily iMac
The Mac Driver Museum
The Macintosh Search Engine 
The Ultimate Macintosh
 Apple/Mac - HUGE Resource - I Mean GARGANTUAN
32bit Macintosh Help
TidBits - Macintosh News
TIMM - Macintosh Offline Mail Reader for the QWK Mail Format
University of Michigan's Macintosh Public Domain and Shareware Archive 
Unofficial Mac Ghostscript 5.10. Part of CMacTeX. 
VersionTracker - Macintosh Software Updates 
WWW Software for Mac OS 



Macintosh HTML Editors 

ANT_HTML - Word to HTML Conversion and HTML to WYSIWYG
Conversion  -  Macintosh Version Available  -  $39 Registration Fee
BBEdit HTML Extensions
HTML Editor for the Macintosh - Documentation - Download the Program here
HTML-helper-mode for EMACS
HTML-helper-mode for EMACS - Documentation
Web Warrior - Free HTML Editor for Macintosh
Web Warrior Table of Contents - Web Warrior Manual



Macintosh Browsers 

Hot Java Browser 3.0 - Sun - Mac/OS2/Unix/Windows
iCab Internet Browser - Macintosh
Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh - C/Net Download Center 
Mac Browser Helper Applications
Macintosh Plug-Ins - BrowserWatch
NetoMat - Freeware - 6.7MB - Linux/Mac/Unix/Windows
NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh Homepage
OmniWeb 4 - Full Featured Web Browser for Mac OS X.
WebTV® Viewer - Windows 95/98/NT - Macintosh








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