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Computers and Internet

Anti-Virus/Trojan Information and Resources


General Information - General Resources
Virus Hoaxes - Encyclopedias - Newsgroups


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General Resources

AGV Anit-Virus Software - Free 
Anti-Virus Alerts - ZDNet
Anti-Virus Portal - European Site
Anti-Virus Software - Listing from ZDNet
Antivir PE
ANTS 2,0 anti-trojan - Trojanscanner 
AVERT - Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team
AVX Virus Database 
Belgian Access Providers Report - Net Health
Computer Associates- Virus Information Center
Computer Virus - Newsgroup FAQ
Computer Virus Bulletin
Computer Virus Information Page, J and A
F-Prot for DOS
F-Secure Security Information Center -
  Virus Hoaxes and False Alerts
HouseCall - Free Online Computer Virus Scan by Trend Micro, Inc.
How to Protect Your Computer from Viruses
InoculateIT Personal Edition
 FREE Anti-Virus Software from Computer Associates
Kaspersky's Lab - Virus Information
List of Spyware Trojans
McAfee - Virus Information
Net Virus Protection - Tips from ZDNet
Norman Virus Control - Virus Information
Ontrack - Virus Information
Preventing Viruses - ZDNet
Symantec - Virus Information
Symantec Security Response - Virus Library and Threats Page
Trend Micro PC-cillin - Virus Information
Trojan First Aid Kit - TFAK
Trojans Lair - an Extensive Page of Trojan-removal Instructions
Understanding Viruses - ZDNet
Virus Information - The How, What and Why's
Virus Information Library - McAfee 
Virus List - Largest Virus Encyclopedia
Virus' - from C/NET
Viruses - Help Guide - ZDNet



Virus Hoaxes

ALL WinDOwS Tricks
Computer Virus Myths Homepage by Rob Rosenberger
McAfee Virus Hoaxes
Symantec Virus Hoaxes
The Hoaxkill Service
Trend Micro's HouseCall - Free Online Virus Scanner 
VMyths - Truth About Computer Myths Viruses 





Virus Encyclopedias





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