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Computers and Internet

Affiliate Programs/Revenue Sharing

Pay for Click-Through/Clicks/Leads/Referral


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AdBilly - 1700 Different 
 Opportunities/Resources for Web Owners - Web Guide
AdClub - Cost Per Click Pricing - Affiliate program - Various Proposals
Affiliate Find
Affiliate Programs - User Group - SiteExperts
Affiliate Programs Directory  - 1029 Affiliate/Associate Programs
Affiliate Programs Directory - BecomeAnAffiliate
AffiliateMatch - Affiliate Programs Directory
Affiliates and Merchants United - Affiliate Union
Affinia - Web Revenue Generating Service 
Affiliate Programs - Guide to Affiliate and Associate Programs
Affiliate Programs - Developers Paradise - Two Page Listing
Associate Programs Discussion Board
Associate-It - The Ultimate Directory 
 of Affiliate/Associate Programs - It's BIG
Associated Programs Directory
 2558 Affiliate/Associate Programs in this Directory
AssociateCash - Articles/Programs/Reviews
ATL Network - Affiliate Programs Directory
Bach Systems - Pays Per Click When
 Subscriber Click Through and Signs Up for a Service
BClick - Per per Click Through
BecomeAnAffiliate - Affiliate Programs Directory
CashPile - Affiliate Programs Directory - 2302 Programs
ClickQuick - Affiliate Programs Reviewed/Resources/Information
ClicksLink - 830 Associate Programs by Category
ClickTrade - Part of Microsoft bCentral - 
 A Commission Based Banner Ad Approach
ClickXchange - Join or Create and Affiliate Program
Commission Affiliates
Commission Junction - over 600 Affiliate Programs
CyberBounty - Affiliate Program for Sites 
 Generating 350+ Unique Visitor Hits Per Day
DirectLeads - Affiliate Program
DomainNameAdvisor - Recommended Affiliate programs
eAds - Click-through and Referral Payment
EnSurge - 4:3 Banner Exchange Ratio
Findit-Quick's Affiliate Program - Put their Search Engine 
 on Your Website, get 10 per Click-Through - GoTo uses a 'pay for' ranking 
 on their Search Engine - here's the form
iRevenue - Affiliate Resources
LinkExchange Banner Network - Affilaite Registration
Netscape Affiliate Application    
PartnerProgramme - Largest German Language Directory 
Pay Per Click Affiliates  - 
 29 pay-per-click Search Engines like
Qango Revenue Street Affiliate Directory - Inside Scoop on Affiliate Programs and Revenue-Sharing Online
SafeAudit - Affiliate Program - Pay Per 
SmartClicks - Affillaite Program - 2:1 Banner Exchange Ratio
Sponsorships Network
 Pay Per Lead/Per Click - Free Offer Promotions
The Power of Associate Programs - Over 50 Pages of Articles
The Internet Marketing Center - Affiliate Program
TransAct - Paid for Each Person 
 that Fills Out a Form or Downloads Software 
ValueClick - Pay per Result
WebSponsors - Web Based Advertising Network




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