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General Information
  • I created this website as a resource for the small business person and as a good relevant reference for web surfers.

  • My ability to work on this website is very limited. And due the fact that I don't charge for this service, I will add links at my own time and discretion (it's my money and my website).

  • Here's all you have to do: Send an email with the words "link addition" in the subject heading. Then include your link and page location. That's it. Links will not be added if you do not include a page location.

  • Due to the enormous amount of spam this website receives, your email will be filtered to the trash can if you do not use "link addition" as your subject.

  • Any program generated link-addition submission-forms will also be trashed. If you can't take the time to search for your location, type a 10 second email and or add my link by hand to your website, I'm not wasting my time adding your "free" link to my website.

  • Please don't add anything else to your message other than location and a short description. Crap like "how exchanging links can improve ..." or "how you added a link to my website and I want you to put mine on yours or I'll remove it" because frankly, I don't care. I built this website to help small business owners, hobbyists and people generally trying to improve their lives. And I refuse to read through paragraphs of why linking to a website about worms can improve my website ranking.

  • If you add paragraphs of fluff, html coding and images of your product, it will be trashed.

  • The rule is simple: Link Addition as your subject. Link and page location in your email.

  • It may take longer than a month to get your link added (I get approximately 400 link submission requests a month). Recurring health problems also delay link additions.

  • You will not get an email saying that it has been added. I just don't have the time.

  • Your website will not be added if it is heavily laden with commercial advertisements or pop-up banners, contains pornographic material or features gambling.

  • I make the final decisions - it's my website.

  • This website has been on the Internet for over 6 years and gets over a quarter of a million page views a month. Many people benefit from exposure on this website.

  • The main goal of this website is to provide useful and sometimes 'useless' information and to make  it easily accessible to the general public with a minimum of commercial advertising.

  • This website contains information that cannot be found using search engines and has been created by myself in an exercise of free speech and with the goal of educating people in the usefulness of the Internet.

  • I thank you for your help and it's with your support that this website can continue to grow.

  • I receive hundreds of emails a week and I can't respond to everyone. But I do appreciate 
    your support and interest.

  • Enjoy your Stay  -  The Mayor.


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